First day of 1st Grade

Ready to leave...

... but not before one last fashionista pose!

Leaving with daddy

So excited!

In front of her new classroom at her new school

Saying bye to Daddy

Finding her seat with her BF Celeste! :)

Moira had a great first day of school! She likes her new teacher, Mrs. Boston, and is glad that her best friend from Kindergarten made it into her new class at her new school. She's also very excited to be riding the bus home, and Mom will be too, once the route gets established. Ian starts pre-k at our church's preschool next Wednesday, with his open house Monday, so look for pictures of our little man then. We're hoping for another great year of school!

So long, Summer

Grammy Wilhite came to visit...

...and got to meet Meghan for the first time.

There was a bit of this. :)

One last play date with Moira's friends at the Botanical Gardens...

... in which Grammy joined us.

Ian is the proud new owner of a pair of hermit crabs.

Moira had her 1st grade open house to see her new school and meet her teacher.

The tooth fairy visited again, this time for the other wiggly tooth... notice the fairy dust she left behind?

Moira got a big girl hair cut and her ears pierced before the start of school!

And Grammy headed back to Texas right before school started.