Meghan's Dedication

Our sweet baby girl, Meghan Clare, was dedicated to the Lord at our church on Sunday. It was a very special time for us, and we're so thankful to God for the gift of Meghan. Here are our pictures from Sunday and the wonderful dedication printed in the bulletin so that our church family could be involved intimately.
Pastor Ronnie reading through the dedication litany (see bottom of page) with us and the congregation.
Our pastor introducing Meghan to her church family. He walked her up and down the isles, giving the congregation a chance to touch her precious toes and rub that head full of hair. It was so special.
The welcoming line at the end of the dedication.

Moira loving on her baby sister.

Pastor Ronnie welcoming the newest member of the church.

Our family of five - I love this one.

Meghan with Aunt Dara.

The happy godparents - it was such a blessing that they were able to be with us this day.

All together!

Asleep after the service, with the precious quilt made by Aunt Dara.

Our beautiful little girl.

Dara and I found the perfect little dress from Strasburg Children for this special day, and she looked precious in it!

So sweet. We love you Little One!
Dedication of Meghan Clare McCann to God's Care

Minister: We are here today to present Meghan McCann to the church for dedication and affirmation. Collin and Janelle, you hold in your arms a marvelous incarnation of love, entrusted to your care, and fully loved by God. Do you promise to bring her up in God's love?

Parents: We do.

Minister (to congregation): What do we affirm about Meghan?

Congregation: She is made in the image of God. God loves her and offers her redemption.

Minister (to Parents): Will you take the primary responsibility in teaching, loving, and training Meghan in the Christian faith?

Parents: We will!

Minister (to congregation): And will you partner with them in telling Meghan about God's love? About her wonderful Savior, Christ the Lord? Will you teach, love and encourage her as she grows?

Congregation: We will!

Minister: God be with us. We commit ourselves to love and care for Meghan.

All: We come together as a community of faith to proclaim: Thanks be to God for the blessing of Meghan!


This weekend was both wonderful and bittersweet at the very same time. Our dear friends, Stephen & Dara, came up for one last visit before they both deploy this month. Stephen will be leaving for Qatar tomorrow and Dara soon after for Afghanistan. It's been so sweet having them close by, a mere 5 hour drive, over the last year. We're going to miss them dearly while they're deployed, which is why this one last trip was so very special. They got to meet our little Meghan for the first time, and witness her dedication to the Lord on Sunday (more on that in the next post). God is so good to have given us these truly amazing people to touch our lives so very much in the last 8 years. Please pray for the health and safety of our dear friends while they're giving up self and home to serve our country in this war.

Meghan with her godmother, Dara.

Meeting 'Uncle' Stephen & 'Aunt' Dara

Hanging out with the godfather.

Enjoying a cozy meal of Sushi and Tepanyaki at Sakura.

Meghan with Aunt Dara and the AMAZING quilt she made for her. Such a special gift - sure to be an heirloom!

Saying good-bye.
Godspeed Dara & Stephen! You're so very loved, and will be thought of and prayed for every single day your gone. Thank you for spending your last weekend together with our family!! So much love to you both.

Catching Up...

Ugh! I'm having the hardest time keeping up with this blogging stuff. So, here are a few picture updates from the last few weeks...

Ian started school and loves his new class and teacher.

Ian on the first day with his teacher, Ms. Lynnea.

Meghan's 2 month teddy picture.
At her appt she weighed 15 lbs, 5 oz and was 24.5 inches long. Another chubby McCann baby!
Moira started ballet class this year and looks adorable with all the little dancers in her class.
Meghan's big enough for her Bumbo now (pic taken today) - thanks Grammy Wilhite!