This weekend was both wonderful and bittersweet at the very same time. Our dear friends, Stephen & Dara, came up for one last visit before they both deploy this month. Stephen will be leaving for Qatar tomorrow and Dara soon after for Afghanistan. It's been so sweet having them close by, a mere 5 hour drive, over the last year. We're going to miss them dearly while they're deployed, which is why this one last trip was so very special. They got to meet our little Meghan for the first time, and witness her dedication to the Lord on Sunday (more on that in the next post). God is so good to have given us these truly amazing people to touch our lives so very much in the last 8 years. Please pray for the health and safety of our dear friends while they're giving up self and home to serve our country in this war.

Meghan with her godmother, Dara.

Meeting 'Uncle' Stephen & 'Aunt' Dara

Hanging out with the godfather.

Enjoying a cozy meal of Sushi and Tepanyaki at Sakura.

Meghan with Aunt Dara and the AMAZING quilt she made for her. Such a special gift - sure to be an heirloom!

Saying good-bye.
Godspeed Dara & Stephen! You're so very loved, and will be thought of and prayed for every single day your gone. Thank you for spending your last weekend together with our family!! So much love to you both.


DW Hobbs said...

*sigh* :-) We love you, guys!! This weekend couldn't have been better spent for us and we'll take each and every one of these fond memories with us to warm our hearts and comfort us in the long days ahead...your support means the world to us, dear friends, thank you!!!

Much love,

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

oh my. i teared up reading about "uncle" and "aunt" and their soon deployment. i will add them to my prayer list. please thank them for their service and tell them they are not forgotten in our home.

Nina and John said...

Godspeed, Dara and Stephen! We will pray for you both every day. Thank you for loving our sweet McCann family, and thank you for serving our country! God bless! John and Nina Allen