Maternity Photos

Okay, dear readers. As promised, here are a few of my favorites from the maternity photo shoot I had with my friend Kristin, of LoveBug Photography, on Monday. She was so very sweet to offer to do these for me, and I absolutely love the way they turned out! I think most pregnant women avoid pictures of them at this stage, for fear of looking like a cow, but she did a great job making me feel comfortable and getting the most flattering pictures she could. I didn't have the opportunity to do this with my previous two pregnancies, so I'm very grateful to have these for posterity and to look back on in the coming years. A huge THANK YOU to Kristin for such a kind gift and for doing such an incredible job!

Click on the picture to see the entire album in picasa. These are copyrighted images, so please don't print them yourself - if you'd like a print, I'll be happy to have one made for you.


I just don't give a hoot...

...to be perfectly honest. I'm not in the mood. I'm just plain in the blogging equivalent of writer's block - a blog fog perhaps? Maybe it's due to the many activities we've been involved in since the start of Spring? Or my ever increasing size, that brings with it a lack of energy and inability to get comfortable in any position? Whatever the case may be, it is what it is. I've even rashly considered calling it quits, but I know I'd kick myself in a couple months when the baby comes and I need an outlet for documenting all of her newness. I'll try to want to be better about blogging in the mean time, but this is fair warning that it just might not happen.

That said, I do have knitting projects finished that I'd really like to post pictures of, and some pictures from a pregnancy photo shoot I had yesterday with a friend - so be looking for those sometime this week.... I hope.


Happy Easter!

We've had such a very busy week, with Collin's 33rd birthday, lots of Easter activities and Holy Week services... but I wanted to pop by to wish you all a very happy Easter! I'll be back to post some more from our week soon.

He is Risen!


Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood HOA had an Easter Egg Hunt in the park this morning, so I thought I'd share some pics. I was really impressed with it, actually. Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but some had a prize slip in them, where you could redeem them for a basket of goodies when it was all said and done. Fortunately, one prize per child, so when Moira found one and Ian didn't, one of the bigger kids who found like 5 gave Ian one of his. They had lots of fun.

On the way to the park
Hunting eggs
Hunting more eggs
After the hunt

Redeeming their prize slips for goodie baskets

Time to play afterward

Moira found a friend from school there

Back at home with their prize baskets

And playing with Ian's new popper cones