The Goblin Train

This post is a wee bit late, but I wanted to share pictures of our weekend adventure during Stephen and Dara's visit. We took the kids on the Goblin Train, which is an actual train ride where people were (supposed to be) dressed up for Halloween and given treats.

Unfortunately, it ended up being pretty lame, but I think the kids enjoyed it alright, so it wasn't a total loss. We had fun visiting with Stephen and Dara - so the 5 mile an hour ride in one direction for a mile, stop, and return by going backward 5 miles an hour - made it all okay. (Although I know we could've enjoyed each other's company for a whole lot less than $12 a person!!) Ah well, now we know and won't make the same mistake twice. At least we got some cute pics. As always, click on the picture below to see the entire album on picasa.

More pictures to come! Moira has a "Cowboy/Cowgirl" themed Harvest Party tomorrow afternoon at school, which Ian and I will be joining her for... and then of course, from Halloween night! :) See you then!



Today I'm thankful for our Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote.

I hesitate to use this blog as a forum for political debate, but I believe we as a Nation are faced with a huge decision in this upcoming election - one that will affect our children and grandchildren for years to come. If you're able, please read this post (from Thursday, October 23rd) I stumbled upon from a friend's blog. It says very clearly and concisely what I would want to say here, and since she's already said it, I won't repeat it here but suggest that you read it for yourself.

I am not Catholic, although I have many dear friends and family members (whom I cherish and admire in their Christian faith) who are, but I think the point of this video clip should hit home to all of us who proclaim themselves Christian. I admire and respect the Catholic Church for holding fast in their moral standing, and I hope you'll vote your conscience come November 4th.

1 I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone -- 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior... (1 Tim. 2:13 NIV)


Tate Farms

We took a trip out to Tate Farms on Saturday, for a bit 'o Fall fun and pumpkin picking! We all had a blast, and were really impressed with all that there was to do and see. Next year, I think we'll go on an afternoon during the week, so it's not so crazy busy, but it sure was a lot of fun!

Once again, click on the picture to see the full album (with captions) of our day!


What's in a Name?

This is going to be a big shocker for those of you who've known us through the last two pregnancies, and remember that we wouldn't even hint at name possibilities before, but we're actually going to be open about it this time! We think we've decided not to find out what this little one is going to be, until his/her birthday, so we thought we'd let people know what our name options are for a boy and a girl. Of course, it's still very earlier, and 8 months can change things a lot, but here are our top two (that we agree on) for each.

For a boy:
Declan - meaning "Full of Goodness" and "A Man of Prayer"
Liam - meaning "Valiant Protector"

For a girl:
Meghan - meaning "Pearl" or "Pure"
Ciara - pronounced Kee-ra, meaning "Saint" or "Dark"

Now we need some help with middle names. What names do you think go well with these first name options? Here are the rules. I really don't want to hear that you knew someone who knew someone in 5th grade that was a bully named Liam... keep it to yourself. We'd appreciate positive or constructive opinions only, if you feel like giving them. Otherwise, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And, as you may have noticed, we have a certain propensity toward Irish/Celtic names, so we probably won't go with Sally... sorry Moira. Okay... discuss.

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, here is Moira's most recent depiction of our family. That's us, with me holding our new baby up - apparently the baby is going to be a girl - with Daddy holding Ian's hand, and Ian holding Moira's. Under the rainbow, near our house, of course! (I'm not sure why Daddy's got a fro.) Pretty sweet, huh?


Our Big News?

Yup, that's right! We've got a bun in the oven!

I got the best birthday present this year... a positive pregnancy test! Collin, the kids and I are all very excited about our new baby. We just found out yesterday (so I'm only about 4 weeks along), but it was just too exciting not to tell everyone right away! My first OB appointment and sonogram will be on November 11th, so you can bet there will be a picture of the newest member of the McCann Clan then. Of course, then we'll have to wait until mid-June to meet this new little boy or girl. Ian's already said he wants a baby brother and Moira wants a baby sister (whom she thinks we should name Sally)! We'd be honored if you'd pray for a safe and healthy baby & pregnancy for us. Thanks for checking out our good news here!!
For those of you who are wondering, the [more to come] note in my previous post really wasn't about this big news! And, when I said "not that I know of" in the comments, that was true. We just found out, so I really didn't know at the time. Did I suspect? Well... maybe. But we couldn't do our family the dishonor of posting it here without telling them first. Besides, that's not what the "Who Am I?" post was really supposed to be about anyway. :)



Today I'm thankful for Fall Break! Moira is out of school all week long for "Fall Break", which is a new idea to us, but I guess it's just like Spring Break, only in the Fall. However you want to look at it, I'm enjoying having our big girl home with us this week. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens with some church friends, and we've been doing some fun crafts and activities around the house. Take a look at what we've been up to so far:

Ian bounding across the colors of the rainbow at the botanical gardens

Moira observing our group from her perching spot up in the 2 tiered terrace

Moira and Ian pulling up a bucket of water at the Fairy tale wishing well

Having lunch with some new friends at the gardens
(left to right: Kim, Hannah, Eli, Misty, David & Michele)
Lots of dressing-up going on. Ian can't decide whether to be a doctor, fireman or handy-man!
We made brown lunch bag puppets one afternoon. One of my favorite crafts from childhood! Here's Ian with his creepy spider and silly snake.
And Moira with her cute kitty and squeaky mouse. Notice the made-by-Moira dresses that were needed to accessorize her puppet friends!

Grammy J sent the kids special coloring books in the package with Mommy's b-day present - thanks Grammy, we love them!! :)

Bet you didn't know that the kidlets (and their Mommy) are flower stalkers! Well, here's the beauty we found flourishing on one of the rose bushes out back this weekend.
Lots more planned for a week of fun, including a birthday celebration tomorrow and a brunch play date with more new friends from church on Friday! We have so much to be grateful for! How about you?


Who Am I?

I've been working on this post for the last few days now, if not on paper, in my head. God has gripped me... taken me by the heart and lead me in His direction over the last year, but especially the last few months. All of the sudden, I'm hearing Him just a little more clearly over the world's din that has increasingly grown fainter. Like Moses, I'm suddenly finding myself covered with His hand, only to see His back, as His glory and goodness pass over me. (ref. Exodus 33:18-23) I'm in awe over the presence of the Almighty God, Abba Father, in my life. Who am I?

I woke up yesterday, earlier than usual, the house still quiet and peaceful in the early morning hours. It wasn't until a few minutes later, that I realized the track playing in my head. I woke up with this song streaming unconsciously through my mind, like my Spirit had been in worship in the stillness of night, despite my body's slumber. It struck me how personal God is with us, that this was indeed a gift to me, to prepare me for the day ahead. Right then and there, it was God making His presence known, and inviting me to worship. Throughout the day yesterday, I'd smile as I remembered my very personal moment with my God, and my soul welled up to praise Him again.

He's broken through the darkness in my soul, shining His cleansing light, and leaving me more fulfilled through Him than I could ever have imagined. He's repurposed my life for His glory, and restored the joy of my salvation. He's taken my selfish heart, and made one that has bloomed with love anew for my dear husband. He's reformed my vision of Motherhood, to realize the sanctified mission He's entrusted me with. [more on this to come.] He's given this precious gift of children that I've too long taken for granted. He's given me peace and joy again in my calling as a Wife, Mother and Daughter of the King!

This is such a personal post for me. Something I didn't need to share here to have heard by the One whom this is for. But I'm overflowing - my cup runneth over! How could I be silent? How could I stand still instead of falling on my face to worship?!

I am yours.