La Purisma Mission

We decided to take a break from all the moving preparations and go down to La Purisma, a mission just outside of Lompoc. Tonight we have dinner plans with our good friends Paul and Diane, and their two kids to go to A.J Spurs together - and it'll probably be our last dinner with them before we leave. :( Here are some of the pictures we got at the mission today:


Another one bites the dust...

I know it's been a while since I've updated our blog, but we're really starting to get busy with our upcoming move! I can barely believe Thanksgiving is next week, let alone that our packers/movers will be showing up the Monday after that weekend! Lots to do!

I wanted to take a couple minutes to share some good news with y'all though. We wrote out our last and final check to the last school loan we had today! Woo hoo! We've been trying to knock out as much debt as we can before we move back home, so this is something we're joyful about... I wish we would've done it sooner! So, we have the rest of the van left to pay-off and a tiny bit of our last credit card and we'll be completely debt free. Thanks to Dave Ramsey for the plan to get debt free and inspiration to do it. Oh, and thanks to Annie & Travis for inspiring us too with their recent "debt-free" status!! :) Thanks for letting me share our excitement with you!


Answered prayers

Some of you may remember my post from the 2nd of October about my dear friend, Gloria, from my Tuesday morning bible study. She was diagnosed with cancer, this time ovarian, for the second time this year, and had to undergo 2 rounds of chemotherapy. So, I wanted to share my praise with you all... Gloria told us at our bible study that she's finished her chemo and the cancer is gone! Praise God!! They're still carefully watching and waiting to see if it will return, but her Doctor told her that she has the lowest post-chemo levels he's ever seen and it's looking good. So, thank you to all that have prayed for her - and praise be to God, The Healer, for his mercy and love!


Beach Pictures

We went out to the beach today to get some family pictures for our Christmas cards. As usual, we ended up with just okay posed pictures (partly due to grumpy kids), but the candid pictures of us playing on the beach at the end were too cute! Here are a couple shots from the day: