La Purisma Mission

We decided to take a break from all the moving preparations and go down to La Purisma, a mission just outside of Lompoc. Tonight we have dinner plans with our good friends Paul and Diane, and their two kids to go to A.J Spurs together - and it'll probably be our last dinner with them before we leave. :( Here are some of the pictures we got at the mission today:


Anonymous said...

Very neat pictures! I'm happy to hear and you guys are making the most out of being in California. I know it's another state in the U.S. but some times that's the only time you'll ever be in that state. You're in our prayers as you prepare for your move back home. We hope to see you guys when we come home to visit as well. Take care and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

DW Hobbs said...

Good for you guys, I'm so glad to hear you took some time to get away and enjoy yourselves!! I hope dinner with PDKB went well! ;-) Love ya and keep hangin' in there, sweetie!!

Jules said...

Great pictures! I hope you have a great move. I love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving! You start moving on our 25th wedding anniversary! We are celebrating the weekend of Thanksgiving! Have a great day!

Jules said...

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Thanks, Julie
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!