We're here!

It's been such a long time since I've posted because of the move and drive to San Antonio, but we're here now and getting all settled in! Our move and drive here went well and we're happy to be among family once again, especially as we're gearing up for the holidays. We've kept ourselves busy with visiting loved ones, searching for a rental house and enjoying the city. It's hard to believe how much this side of San Antonio has expanded since we last lived here! There's not a whole lot to report on the job search, since it appears that many people are slowing down for the holidays, but please continue to keep us in your prayers now that we're here, and we'll continue to try to post when we have news. Meanwhile, we have the rental house search to keep us busy. We miss you all in California and elsewhere, so be sure to keep in touch! Much love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you made it home safely! We'll continue to keep you in our prayers concerning the job, house searching and getting everyone settled. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sarah said...

OMG! You moved back to San Antonio! Tell me all about it when you have the chance!

btw, your beach pictures of the kids are sooooooo cute.