I just don't give a hoot...

...to be perfectly honest. I'm not in the mood. I'm just plain in the blogging equivalent of writer's block - a blog fog perhaps? Maybe it's due to the many activities we've been involved in since the start of Spring? Or my ever increasing size, that brings with it a lack of energy and inability to get comfortable in any position? Whatever the case may be, it is what it is. I've even rashly considered calling it quits, but I know I'd kick myself in a couple months when the baby comes and I need an outlet for documenting all of her newness. I'll try to want to be better about blogging in the mean time, but this is fair warning that it just might not happen.

That said, I do have knitting projects finished that I'd really like to post pictures of, and some pictures from a pregnancy photo shoot I had yesterday with a friend - so be looking for those sometime this week.... I hope.


E said...

I haven't been feelin' it lately either. Fortunately, frequenting posting isn't a requirement...and it is nice to have around to jot down random thoughts or journal cute/special moments with the kids for posterity.

Much love & many blessings your way! Looking forward to reading about all the newness of your baby girl when she gets here. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! For some odd reason I just haven't had the desire to blog even though there are events and things I could share. My mentality right now is if I get to it great, if not that's okay too.

I agree with you and Erica, it's not a requirement and it's a nice outlet when you need one. Look forward to whenever you have the desire to post something new. :)

DW Hobbs said...

Please don't quit!!! ;-) And I promise to not quit either. ;-) Even though I have ZERO complaints to rival the magnitude of yours with baby on the way and even bigger babies at home! ;-)

You just write whenever your heart feels like it and we'll all be here waiting patiently. ;-)

Oh and you look stunning in those pictures...I just adore them. I too love the first two and then, of course, the ones with the sweet booties you made is just to die for. You make a gorgeous pregnant mother, even if I'm fairly certain you don't feel that way at all ;-)

Love ya!

Katie said...

Don't quit!!!! It's just the pregnancy talking! I always enjoy reading about the things that your cute little family is up to! I can't wait to see pictures of that baby when she arrives!! Luv ya and miss ya!