A busy weekend!

Whew! We had a very busy weekend, although a fun one! Saturday we went to Moira's preschool graduation, which didn't really mean anything, since it's a year-round preschool and she won't move to the pre-K class until August, but it was cute all the same! They sang songs to show the parents what they learned that year, and had caps & gowns for the pre-K kids going on to Kindergarten, so it was a neat experience. Afterward was a Luau lunch on the playground, and Moira and Ian enjoyed playing for a bit.

After napping at home for a couple hours, we headed down to Lompoc for the annual Flower Festival, where we saw some neat vendors and got dinner. Then, it was back to the house to get everyone in their PJs and head off to the drive-in to see Fantastic 4! We've decided the drive-in theater is the best thing EVER, especially for families with small children that won't sit still in a movie theather. We spent many years in Montana missing out on all the newest movies, and now we bundle the kids up (with our ever-handy portable DVD player and a selection of Disney movies) and go to the drive-in to see the Summer blockbusters, tailgate style! We love it! :)
This afternoon my good friend from Florida, Amy, and her family came over for lunch. They're here for a wedding in San Diego and came to visit for the afternoon (which was definitely not long enough)! Amy and I worked together and became good friends when we lived in CA before, and it was a lot of fun to see each other again after 5 years and 3 1/2 babies! Moira, Ian and Riley enjoyed playing together (not that we could keep them still long enough to snap a picture of them together!), and we enjoyed catching up and meeting David. :) Hopefully it won't be another 5 years before we see eachother again! Our door is always open...


Jen said...

Wow! GRaduation from preschool already?! Crazy!

Janelle said...

Yeah, well, kind of. She'll just move up to the pre-K class at the same preschool in the Fall. Now, next Fall (08) she'll start Kindergarten, and that'll be crazy!!! :)