Silly kids...

Here are just a few fun pics of the kids from this last week that I thought I'd share! (Thanks to Janessa for taking them and sending them to me.)
Here's Ian out to lunch with the girls (Mommy & Janessa) enjoying his spring roll! Janessa just couldn't believe that he was eat Thai food!
(I think Ian's face says "What? It's still food, right? Then I'll eat it!")

Moira being "beautiful" for the camera in Mommy's new scarf from Iraq that Mommy's best friend sent for her birthday! (Thank you Aunt Dara, we love it!)

Here's Ian finally getting to wear Moira's poncho in the car, preceding a bit of a hissy fit after being told he's a boy and boys don't wear pink ponchos! ;)

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DW Hobbs said...

So I have to say that *both* of your little darlings look excellent in pink! ;-) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing, I especially love Moira in the scarf, yay!! Miss you much!