Our Trip in Pictures (click on the pictures)

As I had forseen, we were enjoying ourselves way too much to post anymore while on the trip. We arrived back home late last night though, and I have tons of pictures to share! Fortunately, I learned a wonderful way of sharing our photo albums through picasa (thanks Erica and Dara!) instead of posting them all here, so simply click on the pictures below and it'll show you a full album of them all!
Reuniting with dear friends
Abel's Baptism

Dinner at Fudpucker's with the Treats

The only Jungle-themed McDonald's in the world

This trip was such a blessing for us all - reuniting with our dear friends after so long and witnessing the baptism of such a precious little guy meant so much to us. We thank God, with hearts full of joy, for this special time and the bonds that it strengthened even more between us.
"I thank my God upon every rememberance of you..."


DW Hobbs said...

Ah, what wonderful times...we simply cannot wait for the next time!!

Miss you,

Anonymous said...

We've been to that McDonald's! neat and different, huh?!

So glad you guys enjoyed your time in Florida.