Meghan's Room

Well, here it is. Meghan's room is finally finished... for the most part, that is. I'd still like to find a good area rug for the floor, I'm waiting for her 6 month pics to hang on the wall over the changing table, and we need to stock her bookshelf, etc, but the decorating is mostly finished. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out because I love the pink and brown for her and we didn't even have to paint the walls, since they were already this tan color. It all just came together so nicely. :-) Of course, I don't think the pictures do the room justice, it's so cozy and sweet in person, but you get the idea. Come visit and we'll show you the room in real life. ;-) Enjoy!

Viewpoint from the doorway.

Her crib and the name frame I made this week. It's the first one for one of my kids, if you can believe that!! I think I'm gonna need to get on one for Moira and Ian now.

The rocking corner, complete with quilt from Aunt Dara. I love the wall stickers that match her crib set, they were a nice touch. This is the old rocking chair we've always had but I reupholstered it, so it's no longer denim, but this tan/brown suede. I love it, and am quite proud to have figured out how to do it all by myself. :)

The picture on the wall is a cross-stitch my dear friend, Leslie, made for Meghan. She's actually made a matching one for all our kids, just in different colors. Oh, and the rocking horse was a gift from our friend, Lynnea, whose father made it. I love the way it's short and squat - perfect for little ones. :)

This is the quilt from her crib set, Mia Rose. I like to hang them on the wall since they're great decoration and we don't tend to use the actual quilt much. I bought and painted the quilt hanger flowers pictured at the top too.

Here's a close-up of the "M" that a lady from my parent's church sent to us when Meghan was born. I think this is a great gift idea, and fortuitous that she chose pink and brown! It looks great in her room.
A close-up of the cross-stitched piece over the bookshelf from Leslie. I love the chunky pink feet!
A close-up of the name frame I made for over Meghan's crib. This one was a fun one to make.
Here's a "before" picture of the rocking chair, in all it's worn, denim glory. ;-)
And "after" - I really love it. Like I said, I'm quite proud to have figured out how to sew the cushions and arm rests on this thing!

PS - Click on the pictures to enlarge. :-)


Lynnea said...

It looks great! I love pink and brown and the wall color does look great. Horray for not having to paint.

Jessica said...

I love the room!

E said...

What a beautiful, cozy room for your baby girl! My sister did pink & brown for my niece and I simply *love* that color scheme. I also think the tan on the walls is so peaceful and doesn't result in an overkill with the brown...lovely. All of the little touches around the room are so sweet. Thanks for welcoming us into your home! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic room. I am so impressed regarding the chair too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Janelle!! Meghan's room looks so pretty! You did a great job!

DW Hobbs said...

It's so sweet, Janelle, and just perfect for your littlest girl, I think!!! And what a wonderful job on the rocker, way to go!!! Thanks SO much for sharing!!

The Wilhite Family said...

It's gorgeous!!! Great job!!

mj said...

wow....looks so elegant and very comfortable with your little ones.. more picture please..

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sell wow accounts said...

WoW! absolutely amazing. . pink and brown was just a perfect match. . love the room so cute.=)

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