Let's catch up

Ugh... so I don't even want to mention how woefully negligent I've been in my lack of posting lately. Here's to getting back into the habit! :)
So, we're about 95% unpacked - woo hoo! The living area, kitchen, bathrooms, kid's rooms and our room is unpacked. I just have the last few boxes of my craft things and my half of the office to put together, plus a garage that desperately needs some organization. Aside from that, it's mostly finding the perfect spot to hang our family pictures and such, and committing to leaving the dresser in that spot, etc. that's left. And to think, we may end up doing this again in the near future, once we have a house of our own to settle into! Here are just a couple of pics of the kid's rooms.
Moira's room is pretty well finished now - I think if I tried to put much more in there it'd just end up being too much. But it's very cute, and befitting a little girl that fancies herself a princess. It's loaded with pink and flowers and butterflies and such. I think she's happy with it for now, but we've all decided that once we buy a house, she'd like to do a fairy theme with purples and greens and maybe even a "pixie hollow" tree painted on the wall (if she can puppy-dog-eye Daddy enough to get him to do it!)

Ian's still needs some decorative things done to his room... we've finally decided on a Mickey theme for his room, which he's very excited about, but we still have some work to do on it. We'll be putting up on shelves the adorable hand-painted ceramic Mickey & friends that my best friend Dara was sweet enough to give us a couple years ago, and we're on the look-out for other Mickey themed items to coordinate with his room. We've already found a cute crib/toddler bed sheet, and we'll be looking for a navy comforter and red pillow to match it once we switch him into the toddler bed in the next month or two. I found some wall stickers online of Mickey & friends (like the flowers in Moira's room) that I'd like to get, and I'm looking for a Mickey throw pillow for his bed. If any of you see anything Mickey-ish, and have the inclination, please let me know where... it's harder to find Mickey themed decor than one would think!

The kids are doing great, although we've identified a major need for Moira to be enrolled in a new preschool... soon... as she's taken it as a personal mission to try to push our buttons (just for a lack of better things to do), and she cries hopelessly when it's time to leave her class at church or her cousins have to go home. Poor little thing... she's so darn social, and to be out of preschool since before Thanksgiving has just been torture for her. Touring/researching potential schools for Moira is mission #1 for Mom this week. Fortunately we have a couple of birthday parties for the kids to attend in the next few weeks, so that'll be loads of fun for them! Ian has been taking all the moving and unpacking and change like a trooper - he's very much like his Daddy in that way. I look forward to finding him some play friends soon too, and starting the dreaded potty training routine in the very near future.

I'm looking forward to getting my Stampin' Up stuff going again - with a new catalog and weeks of being away from all my yummy goodies, I shouldn't have to difficult a time of getting the creative juices flowing again. While I'm excited about doing parties and maybe starting a club, I'm very much wanting to make some new friends here first and not have anyone feel like they're "just a customer." I'd give it all up before I'd want any of my friends to feel that way! So, it'll be a delicate balance for a while. In the mean time, I have some projects I'm very much looking forward to - a name frame for a baby shower that I'm going to this weekend, and some cards for a swap due at the end of the month, and finishing a project of hanging picture frames I started for my 89 year-old Grandmother of all her great-grandchildren (all 26 of them)! If I had to guess, I'd say you'll all be seeing some "finished product" pictures here in a week or two!

The job search is still going, and we're all remaining optimistic and trusting that God has the perfect thing for him. There are still some opportunities that need to be followed up on, which Collin will be doing this week, but I think it'll be nose to the grind stone now that we're here, Christmas is over and we're mostly unpacked. Please pray. I'll try to keep you posted as there are new developments.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the end of our day yesterday. We all went to see the new Veggie Tale movie at the theater with my parents, grandmother, my sister Kim and her three (1/2) cutie-pie kiddos. Then we went back to my parent's house for a yummy dinner and let the kids all play while we visited. We brought my family back to our house to see it "mostly done" as the kids were itching to show the cousins their new rooms. We had a fun day.

My cute-as-can-be pregnant sister checking out all the pics on our new fridge, whilst little Ian takes over his Grammy's attention with something of the utmost importance, I'm sure.

Ian proudly shows off his room and toys to his cousins Carson and Valie, while Moira and Avery have a tea party in her room. It's so fun to have cousins around to play with!


DW Hobbs said...

Yay!!!! And welcome back, we've missed you in the world of blogging this month! ;-) The kids rooms look just great, thanks so much for sharing. And Kim is absolutely adorable, you're right. Tee hee! Look forward to hearing more from you again soon!!

gLORIous said...

Everything looks like it's going good for you all. The kids' rooms look very cute - can't wait to see the Mickey Mouse stuff when you all decide all that you're going to put up. You're right Kim is adorable - beautiful while pregnant and as always! Tell everyone I said "hi!".

Love Ya!

The Bottolfini's said...

So glad you're back to blogging. Your house looks beautiful. Good luck on the job search!

E said...

Ah! Big Sigh! It's so wonderful to be settled in (or 95% which is nearly the same thing). I'm sure it is such a sweet blessing to be home with your families for good!

The kids rooms look fantastic! I hope that last 5% goes smoothly! Loved reading your latest posts!

Love & Blessings!