A beautiful shower

The baby shower for my sister last night was absolutely wonderful - what an incredible group of Christian women she has as friends and support! It was very special for me to be able to come, now that we're living here, and I'm even more excited to be here to meet this new little May baby when he/she arrives. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our evening:

Kim and Jennifer

Jennifer opening the name frame I made for their soon-to-arrive baby, Kate!

This is the baby blanket I knit for May baby #4

It was a special treat for Avery to get to come to the baby shower with all the big girls. She looked like a doll, and was a perfect little lady the whole time!

And finally, this is the group of "prayer coffee" girls and family there to celebrate with Kim and Jennifer, two very special women. Many blessings to them both and their growing families!

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DW Hobbs said...

I'm so happy you could be there for Kim and her friend's very special day! Yay, for coming home!!