Dinosaur Fun

There's not much to report today, just a few fun pictures. We went to a dinosaur birthday party on Saturday for Sam, who is Shad and April's oldest kiddo, he turned 3. Collin's known April since early high school, and now that we're back in San Antonio, we hope to get together with them a bit more! We all had fun, and hope to play together again soon.

Ian playing in the sand, and searching for buried dinorsaur eggs with a friend!

Moira was more interested in making friends with "Las."

Collin joined into the dinosaur festivities too.

Ian helped Sam inspect his new birthday presents - I see a possible dinosaur themed party in our future! :)

We're heading off to Howe to visit Stephen, Paige and baby Hope this weekend, so I should have some more fun pictures and things to post early next week... so stay tuned!

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DW Hobbs said...

Have fun visiting the family and we'll look forward to the pictures!