A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we decided to take a much needed break from life as usual, so we loaded the kids up in the car and headed for the San Antonio Zoo. It was a beautiful day, not to hot or cold, and nice and sunny. We love the zoo, there's so much to see and learn about, it gets us out into the fresh air, and we all get to spend time together doing something that everyone enjoys. Here are a few pictures from our outting.

Moira said her favorite part, aside from our picnic lunch, were the kangaroos. She had all sorts of questions about where there "pockets" were and if there was really a baby inside. I have to admit, the kangaroos are pretty cool.

The San Antonio Zoo is pretty nice, and there's a wide representation of different animals to see. They just opened the first part of the new Africa Live exhibit, where we got to see two hippos swimming under water, a big Nile Crocodile and plenty of big snakes and such.

I think Ian's favorite part of the zoo was the turtle tank. They were active and swimming around right at his eye level, so it was easy for him to observe (and try to play with) them. Of course, he told me that he, too, enjoyed the picnic part like his big sister.

When we got to the Komodo Dragons, Ian got super excited. I was trying to figure out why, when he looked through the glass and said "Where are the DRAGONS?!" Ahh... not that kind of dragon, sweetie. He seemed a little bummed, but got over it quickly when given the opportunity to pose with the komodo dragon statue. Sweet little guy!

Our time at the zoo was very refreshing for all of us. My favorite animals to watch are the cute otters, but my favorite part of our day was definitely the picnic on the grounds too! What was intended to be an atempt to save money turned into a really enjoyable activity for our family. So, truly, it's being with family, no matter what you do, that makes a day a good one.
"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" -- Psalms 118:24
Today is our anniversary, and Collin's parents are coming over to babysit the kids so we can go to The Melting Pot all by ourselves (thanks to a generous gift card from Stephen & Dara and money from my parents). It'll be great to get out alone together and reflect on the last 7 years of marital bliss. I am truly blessed for having such a wonderful husband, sweet children, loving family and caring friends.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!! We pray your next 7 years are just as memorable and even more joyful than these first 7. May God bless you and your family.

DW Hobbs said...

Happy Anniversary! And yay, for a picture with your beautiful face in it! ;-) Haven't seen you in forever! Love ya!

Candace said...

The zoo is one of our favorite, yet inexpensive outings thanks to the family season pass. Fortuantely for us, the pass covers our entire family. Can't beat that. We've been trying to get to the zoo recently, but we've all been sick......still!

I hope you have a wonderful time at The Melting Pot. We're dying to try it someday......we're fondue addicts! Congrats on seven years......what a blessing!