5 years of Sweetness

Our sweet little Moira turned 5 years old today! It's almost unbelievable that she'll be starting school this Fall - that it's been 5 whole years since she made her entrance into this world and changed our lives forever. We're so blessed with smart, funny, beautiful and sweet-spirited children; there's so much to be thankful for today, and always.

We had a relatively calm day for a birthday (as it was the first year we haven't had a big party for her, since we don't know anyone here yet), but we tried to make it as special as possible for her. I took both Moira and Ian to the Mall this morning to Build-a-Bear, where Moira built "Ally" a Topaz bear that sings happy birthday when you push a button in her foot. Ian chose a dinosaur, appropriately named "Dino."

Moira lovingly giving her new bear a bath and brushin'.
Ian & "Dino" with his volcano t-rex shirt Ian picked out for him.
Then we went to the food court, where they both had a blast on the bungee jumping trampoline thingy and we ate an indoor picnic lunch. I was quite surprised that they were both up for the jumping, as they were easily 20 ft in the air at the height of their bounce. They both had fun and were ready to go again right away!
Ian getting ready to jump.
Moira getting some serious air!
After a short time at home to rest, Daddy came home and we all went to Moira's choice of restaurant - and you'll never believe what she chose... Cracker Barrel!! How funny is that?! That a 5 year old would choose to go to Cracker Barrel for her birthday dinner... I guess she truly is her daddy's girl! Here's a cute clip of her being sung to by a host of Cracker Barrel servers tonight (excuse the vertical to horizontal switch in the beginning of the video).

Then we came back to the apartment for cake and presents. She chose a red velvet cake at the store, which was pretty yummy, and enjoyed opening her presents from Mommy & Daddy and Grammy, Papa & Mimi. I think her 5th year of life started off pretty darn well!

Look at all those candles for my (not-so) little one!

A new Fairy book to enjoy in her soon to be fairy-themed room.

An adorable dress from Grammy that Moira absolutely loves - aren't those dangling strawberries cute?! Thanks Grammy!

Thank you for the presents, cards and phone calls for our little girl today... she definitely knows she's loved, and that makes this Mother's heart happy. My wish today, is for many more blessed years with this sweet little girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Moira!!

E said...

Happy Birthday, Moira!!!

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Eben read this post with me and his harassing me about coming to visit you guys!!! I said we can do that someday & hopefully you guys will be able to visit us, too, one day!

We have a little gift we bought for Moira a couple of weeks ago, knowing her birthday was fast approaching. Now that we have your new address, I'll *try* to get it out this week, but it may be next week. It's just been one of those years...I'm usually so good about being prompt with things. I'm wondering if I might never be that way again...eeekk!

Love you guys & can't wait to see the "we're settling in" pictures & updates. How's the job going for Collin?

Bruce Judisch said...

Happy birthday, Moira!

We're anxious to see your new fairy room when you get it all decorated. Glad you liked your books and new dress. We can't wait to see you in it in person!

Hugs and kisses - Grammie & Papa

The Bottolfini's said...

Happy Birthday, Moira! What cuties! I miss them so much!