Blessings abound!

Just wanted to say that the sellers agreed to a new roof! Their insurance adjuster isn't coming out until Wednesday, but they agreed to up to $5300 to be "escrowed" at closing for roof repair - and we couldn't be more happy, or feel more blessed. Everything has gone so smoothly in acquiring this house, and we know Whom we should be thanking. He is ever faithful. Through recent scary times, through our own uncertainty, in joy and thanksgiving, and renewed hope, He's proved to be the God of mercy and provision, above and beyond anything we could've imagined! We're so blessed.

On another topic, we registered Moira for Kindergarten on Friday. Can you believe our baby girl is going to be 5 tomorrow and will be starting the grand and new life of an elementary school student on August 6th? I hardly can. She's excited though, and we went to pick out all of her school supplies, and I really think this will be a good thing. Another thing to be thankful for, after the uncertainty of whether or not to start her this year or not.

Here is our not-so-little Moira, proudly displaying her new school supplies, as she readies herself for everything kindergarten will have in store. Please keep our precious little girl in your prayers as she starts this new adventure.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on starting Kindergarten, Moira!!

What wonderful news on the house! Don't you just love how the Lord works everything for the good for those who love him? What a blessing! Thank you for sharing.

Kim M. said...

I'm so glad to hear the news on the house! What a blessing!

And sweet little 5 year old Moira! Happy Birthday to you!! I pray that Kindergarten will be a wonderfully happy place!

Cousins will be calling this afternoon to talk to the birthday girl. :)

DW Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday, Moira Kate!!! We just can't believe you're 5! Can't wait to see you for ourselves and celebrate with you this weekend!!

Stephen & Dara

P.S. and to Moira's Mom: we're so thankful that the roof (and everything!) has worked out so very well, I'm sure I don't know two more deserving people! ;-)

So you decided on Kindergarten, huh? We know Moira will do great!!


The Jackson Family said...

Great news on the house! Yahoo!

And I'm sure Moira will do GREAT in kinder! She looks pretty excited! Happy birthday, sweet girl!