A Wonderful Christmas Gift

We were lucky enough this past weekend, to be the secondary recipients of an early Christmas gift from my dad to my mom - she got to come visit us for almost a full four days!! We had so much fun, and it was such a wonderful, relaxing and joyous visit for us.

Mom and the kids by the front door with our beautiful, fresh balsam wreath (courtesy of our dear friends, Stephen & Dara).

My mom is one of those house guests that you just don't have to worry about having into your home. She's taught me, through her actions, what it means to be a gracious, helpful and pleasant person to be around, and we just can't get enough of her!

We even got some Mother-Daughter time on Saturday going Christmas shopping together for the kids! We finished all of our shopping, and didn't even mind the crowds since we had the pleasure of one another's company to enjoy. Collin took Moira and Ian to see the new movie "Bolt" while my Mom and I were out and then she treated us all to dinner at Chili's. On Sunday, she came to church with us and got to see the place we've made our Church home here, and meet some of our newest friends. After a nice dinner at home, we all made reindeer cookies together to package up for Moira's school friends and our neighbors. The kids really enjoyed the festive cookie-making time, and it was extra special to have Grammie there to help!

Moira hard at work, placing all those chocolate chip eyes in the perfect place!

Ian concentrating, almost as hard, on his little reindeer.

Showing off the cutest little reindeer cookies ever with Grammie.

Aren't they cute? (Oh, and that adorable Scotty dog shirt was a gift from Grammie while she was here too, complete with matching houndstooth print skirt and curly, red bow! [Ian got a cool Dino shirt with matching light-up hoodie, as seen above, which was equally as cute on him.] Gotta love Gymboree... and Grammies that spoil their grandkids!)

That night we all bundled up in PJs, and after a quick stop at Krispy Kreme, headed to the Botanical Gardens to see their "Galaxy of Lights" drive-through holiday light display.

Just one of the many brilliant light scenes we saw (excuse the bad picture).

We even got the added bonus of a cancelled flight for Mom on Monday night, which gave us another half day with her! She did make it home safe and sound last night, and we miss her already. Thank you, Daddy, for such a wonderful treat! We can't wait until June, when we get to see you BOTH! :)

We love you, Mom/Grammie - you're welcome any time!!

(Oh, and that would be Ian's newest picture pose!) ;o)


Katie said...

What a wonderful time it looks like you guys had! It's ALWAYS fun when grandma comes!


PS...we call my mom grammy too!

DW Hobbs said...

Aw, you look so happy Janelle, I do love that smile! Glad you had a wonderful visit with your beautiful mother!! Happy Christmas!

The Bottolfini's said...

Janelle, you look beautiful! I'm so glad you got to enjoy time with your mother. What a wonderful gift for all of you. The cookies are so cute. You're like the Martha Stewart of Alabama! I miss you.


Candace said...

How wonderful, Janelle! What a sweet time you all had. I just LOVE your mom!!! She does remind me a lot of my mom. My mom, too, is one of those guests you never tire of......I always hate it when she has to leave! And she's Grammie too! :-)

I love the cookies....we'll have to do those with the kids!

You look beautiful!!!! Take care!

E said...

Oh! That does sound like a wonderful time. I LOVE when my mom visits and never want her to leave! I love the pictures - you all look so happy & sweet!


The Wilhite Family said...

Awww!!! How Fun!! I am so glad you got time with your mom!