Our holidays

Okay, so I'm really behind on this, but here are the albums of our pictures from Christmas Eve/Christmas and New Years Eve too (click on the pics below to view the albums). We had a wonderful, quiet time at home this year and were surprised by how enjoyable it was. An update on what's been up with us lately to come this week...

Christmas Eve & Christmas

New Years Eve


DW Hobbs said...

Yay, wonderful to see you on the blog again! And it's always better a smidge late than never. Looking forward to that update you mentioned too! ;-)

So I clicked on the pictures and it didn't link me to the album... ;-( Probably my computer being goofy!

Wonderful to hear from you!!!

Much love,

the mccann clan said...

No, no... it wasn't you Dara, apparently I've been out of the groove for too long now, as I forgot to link the pics to the albums!! Duh! Anyway, that's fixed now, so you can take a peek if you like. :)

DW Hobbs said...

Ah, much better now thanks!!! The pictures were GREAT, I just loved seeing your cozy holidays together! Everyone looks so happy and content!! Thanks for sharing!!!

E said...

What wonderful, cozy celebrations! It reminds me very much of just what we did at home here. Of course, this wasn't a good time for me to look at your photos - all that yummy food is making me HUNGRY! :)

Glad to see you're blogging again...I know I haven't been as up on it lately and doubt I'll be much better in the next couple months, as I spend such a ridiculous amount of time training lately! Anyway, it's wonderful catching up by way of pictures...very heartwarming!

Much love to you all in the New Year! Looking forward to a "How Janelle's Feeling" post. ;)


Kim said...

Great pictures, Janelle! I loved seeing how the holidays were for you guys. We sure did miss you! But everything looks warm and cozy and perfect over there! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

How are you feeling these days? I hope your pregnancy is a smooth one and not too rough with morning sickness.

Suzann said...

I must comment because I nagged you to post! Looks like you had fun - your babies are so sweet :0)

The Wilhite Family said...

Looks like fun! Great pictures!! We miss you all!