IT'S A...

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday afternoon, and we're pretty sure we're having a little girl!! Now, I say pretty sure, because she wasn't being the most cooperative during the appointment, but our U/S Tech took a good long time with us, and felt pretty confident in her girl prediction by the time we were finished. Girls are always a bit harder to tell, since it's more obvious when you see boy parts, as opposed to the absence of something. But, Moira was right and I guess she'll get her wish to share her room with this little one!

Other than determining gender, we saw lots of little fingers and toes, a 4 chambered heart, a well developing brain, all bones and organs where and how they should be, and a little baby that's already measuring just over a week ahead of her due date! They estimate she was about 13 oz, which puts her in the 90th percentile in size already - I guess we really do make big babies, no matter what kinda weight this Mama gains! She also confirmed my theory that I have an anterior placenta (in the front) this time, which explains why I didn't feel this baby moving as early as I did with our other two. I got kudos from our OB on my slow & steady weight gain, which was the first time EVER in the history of my pregnancies, and I only added another couple of pounds to the grand total so far. We were blessed with an uplifting appointment, healthy baby & Mommy, and now I can't wait to start shopping for PINK! :o)

Here I am getting all gooped up, which Moira responded to by saying "Eww... what's all that goopy stuff?!" (Flattering picture, huh? ;o) It's hard to look cute in this situation!)

Here's our baby girl, snugly as can be inside Mommy!


And finally, here's a clip of the two big kids announcing their baby Sister to the world!


Candace said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thanks for sharing the great news with us!

E said...

Congratulations, McCanns! This is such fun & exciting news! And, a true relief. Now my boys are all squared away...we'll be sure to do our best to raise up two godly, great guys! :)

All your pregnancy "stuff" is making me really see that I'd love to try for another pregnancy at some point. We need to get Abel more settled into the family (I'm so looking forward to that point where he's been with us longer than he was an orphan). Still, it's all so fun and such a tremendous blessing...and your weight management is really inspirational, too! Great job on that!!! I still need to lose some more, but anyway, your healthy pregnancy journey is a wonderful blessing.

I'm so happy and excited for you guys!

Much love,

Katie said...

YEA!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you!! You're going to have to tell me how it is that you make girls because I can't seem to get it right! :-) Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! What a cute video clip of Moira & Ian. Moira seems to be so happy knowing she's gonna have a baby sister. Brings back such sweet memories of me and my sister. :)

DW Hobbs said...

YAY!!!! Congrats, McCann Clan!!! I just LOVED hearing the news and am so excited to share in your joy!! ;-) Oh and I just ate up that video and just want to zerbert that tummy that Ian kept presenting to us!

Much love,

Bruce Judisch said...


So, more tea parties and princess dresses, eh? :-)

Can't wait to meet the newest of the Judisch/McCann clan (you notice the order of the names, right? :-) )

See you in June!

Love, Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Cute little tummy(Ian and Mommy)! Kindra and Ben were rolling through the video every time. They kept saying "again, again" but I had to cut them off after the fifth viewing. We wish you all the best through the rest of the pregnancy. Please give Ian and Moira hugs and kisses for us and tell them we are excited for them.

The Hunkes said...

Sorry about that last msg as we didn't mean to send it from anonymous. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your special day with us!

Suzann said...

Love the video and Ian's six-pack :0) Yeah for baby girls!!!

The Wilhite Family said...

Congrats!! ...And your belly is gorgeous! ;)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! That little girl is going to have it great with such a crafty mama around!