Poll: Boy or Girl?

So, no, this is not the update I promised at the beginning of the week. I'm still working on that one, but I have something more pressing (and possibly interesting) to talk about. If you've been following our blog, you should know that we're expecting baby #3 in about 22 weeks. You would also know that we've been thinking about NOT finding out the gender of this one until his/her birthday. Well, in the last week or two I've begun questioning myself on this semi-decision.

Being that our 20 week ultrasound is only about a week away, I'm under pressure to decide sooner rather than later. While I've liked the idea of being surprised at the birth, I'm starting to wonder if this is the best route for Collin & Janelle to take. See, in the past, my argument for finding out has always been for the "planner" in me... to be able to get the nursery ready, buy gender-specific clothing and items for baby, etc. This time around I'm actually fine with waiting for that reason, but I'm starting to wonder if it would serve Collin and me better to find out to make this pregnancy feel a bit more real. This pregnancy has just been so surreal so far. In fact, Collin's admitted that he'd rather find out, because it would help him start to bond with the baby and get used to the idea of another little life about to make his/her entrance into our world. He seems to be pretty much leaving the final decision up to me, but I can't help but feel that his feelings are hard to argue with, especially when I'm feeling a bit the same way myself.

As interesting as it is to hear how others like or dislike finding out, it really is such an individual thing, and I hesitate to go with something that might not be best for us and our little one. So, this will be a big decision for us to make over the next week... to know or not to know?

Therefore, in the spirit of our indecision, and while we're trying to figure out what to do, I thought it would be fun to take a poll and see what you all think... is it a boy or a girl? To the left sidebar, you'll find a poll where you can officially vote, but please feel free to leave a comment on your vote (or our problem of whether to find out or not) in the comments section of this post too! The poll will be open for 7 days from today, closing right before our 20 week ultrasound, when hopefully we will have made a decision by then to find out or not! Wish us luck and happy voting!! :)


Kristen and Dave said...

I've done it both ways...if you wait until the birth, you won't be sorry! I think its another great element to labor/delivery. and many centuries of babies never suffered from wearing a few gender-neutral outfits ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kristen and agree with what she says. I've done it both ways as well. And both of them were special in their own way. :)

DW Hobbs said...

Hmm...well it sorta sounds to me like your decision is already made for you! Though I have no doubts that, if you choose to wait to find out the gender of the baby until he/she announces it for you in 22 weeks, you will have no problem bonding with the newest McCann, it does sound like you may be ready to know in advance in the interest of forming that bond even earlier. If knowing will help it feel more real, then by all means go for it. I've obviously never done this myself but I can't see where finding out in advance or waiting to find out does anything for the baby's peace of mind so it really does seem to come down to the wants of the parents and the family. If it's what your heart wants, go for it. But if you can squeak by another 22 weeks without finding out then, once he/she is here, you may receive one of the best surprises of your life, you know? Might be pretty amazing! ;-)

Bruce Judisch said...

It's curious how our expectations evolve with technology. Years ago, no one knew the gender of an unborn baby. It would be interesting to survey those who didn't have the choice of finding out ahead of time whether they had any problem feeling the pregnancy was real, or--if they even thought to do this--bond with the baby.

Not a rebuff; just a pondering.

Love, (in any which case)Grandpa

Candace said...

Well, for us, we've only done it one way. We've NEVER found out the sex of our babies. I understand that in the busy-ness of life, we sometimes forget we're even pregnant. This is normal. For me, I start to really "enjoy" the pregnancy when the baby begins moving a lot. Especially enough for others to feel.

I have to agree with Kristen!

Either way, we're excited for you guys! And just for the record, my guess is a girl!

Love and miss you guys! :-)

Kim said...

Hmmm. I wondered if you might be "waivering" that last time I asked you! ;) But, there's nothing wrong with that! It's definitely an individual decision of what is more appealing to the parents. I will echo Candace's thoughts that, for me too, the busyness of life (esp w/ 2+ kids) always made the baby seem unreal until later in the pregnancy. That was the case whether we found out the sex early or not. And having done it both ways, you will bond no matter what you do - so you should certainly not worry about that!! Kristen's right - you won't be sorry if you wait. The hardest part about waiting is getting thru that "tell-all" ultrasound! If you can make it past that appt - your good to go. Whatever you decide - I'll be EXCITED to find out! I'm thinking boy - but I'm always wrong. And I've got a bunch of beautiful baby girl clothes to pass off, if I am wrong! :) Yay - I love baby talk!

Laura said...

Hi Janelle!!! Tonya showed me your Christmas card and told me you were pregnant! CONGRATS! I know you do not check myspace much, so I remembered you had a blog and I decided to check it out! Do not find out...we aren't :) (Surprise, we are pregnant with Baby #2 and due March 14th!) It has been hard not to plan and I am FREAKING out right now but it has also been fun and delivery day will be AWESOME!!
We are living in Colorado Springs now and LOVING IT! Neil has been in California for training since October (5 days after moving here) and will be back in 11 days!
Just think, on delivery day when the doctor actually says "Congratulations, it is a..." You will have the only real surprise we have in life! :)
Let me know how you are...our family blog is:

Take care and congrats again!!!

Nina and John said...

Tough decision! You two do what's right for you--you will get clarity from God, probably when you least expect it!

E said...

LOL! I always think it's a super fun idea to wait, but I know I could never (not in a million years) do it. I'd want to know because I'm a planner and I'd also want to lock in a name and start calling "it" by his/her name. Plus, I'm not big on surprises or suspense, so there isn't much that appeals to me when it comes to that. It always seems fun with OTHER people do it though. ;) I'm sure you guys will make the very best decision for yourselves and it will be fun following along either way!

I voted boy, but I really don't have a clue. I know if I were pregnant I'd be wishing for a girl since I already have my two boys. I always sensed Eben would be a boy, but if I'm ever blessed with another pregnancy I'm sure I'll be happy either way. It's truly such a miracle when a baby is carried to term and born healthy and well, isn't it?! I'm praying you guys will be blessed with a happy, healthy baby. The rest, as they say, will be icing on the cake. Now...will that icing be blue or pink? ;)

Much love,