Valentine's Day Visit

We had a great Valentine's weekend with a visit from Stephen and Dara! They came up Friday afternoon, and we mostly just spent the time enjoying our few days together, but we did go out for a yummy sushi dinner Saturday night, and were also thoroughly spoiled by our dear friends! Here are the details, in a few pictures.

Last year I received a Mickey quilt kit from a friend for Ian's new Mickey-themed room. It was so cute and I really wanted to make it, but I have not one sewing bone in my body, so I shelved the project for a while. When we moved to Alabama, I showed the kit to my sweet, sewing friend Dara, who took the project on right away for my little guy! Here she is working away at the sweet little quilt for him. Such a good friend, and "Aunt" too!

Dara finished the quilt just in time to bring it up with her this weekend. Here's my happy, little guy after being presented with such a sweet labor of love! He absolutely loves the quilt, and has slept with it every night since - I think he has a new favorite blankie! :)

Oh, and that's not all - Dara made us a beautiful throw that she crocheted all by herself for us! It's warm, cozy and the perfect colorway to help tie in the other blues in our house to the living room. Another very thoughtful labor-of-love from one crocheter to another!

We also made a trip to Babies R Us. You know we girls have to discuss all these baby plans, and the guys were good enough to come along and entertain the kids while we talked about baby bedding and such things! Oh, and there was more spoiling to be done too, as they very generously insisted on picked up the swing and diaper bag we had registered for!! I know, I know... how did we luck out with such thoughtful, caring and fun friends?! God is good.
Here's another recent belly pic (at 22 weeks) that Dara couldn't help but sneak in! ;-)

And finally, our two little love bugs. Dara wouldn't dream of "leaving Moira out" and showing up empty-handed for our little girl, so she lovingly made her the scarf you can (kinda) see around her neck - cute huh? She's worn it to school every day this week, even though it's in the low 60s today! :)

We had such a wonderful time with our friends, and continually feel the blessings God has showered us with in bringing our lives together. We've been so lucky to enjoy so many weekend visits together, that I have no idea at all what I'm going to do when Dara deploys again this Fall or when their tour in Florida is up *gasp* after that. I better start praying now... :)


Janessa said...

What wonderful friends! You are SO BLESSED! And Dara is deploying again? Seriously? That silly girl. I can't believe it. You are going to be lost. I'll start praying too.

Kim said...

What a great weekend with AWESOME friends!! I'm so glad you guys live close enough to each other to have these visits!

Kim said...
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E said...

How fun...what special times and really love infused gifts. I have no idea how you guys do the crocheting and all that. I'd say you'll have to teach me some day, but then I'd have yet another excuse not to do what I should be...like finally finishing some of my writing projects! Still...you'll have to teach me someday. ;)

You look beautiful, by the way!

Bruce Judisch said...

Great family; great friends. What more can you ask out of life on this earth? ;-)

Love, Mom & Dad

Candace said...

What a fun time!!! So glad you had such a wonderful visit! And I LOVED the cute belly shot.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! The Mickey Mouse quilt looks great, and so do the scarf. :) You are truly blessed with wonderful family & friends. :)

DW Hobbs said...

;-) Love you guys!! Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots...oh okay, I'm done. At least for now!