Our Littlest Girl

We finally got to meet our Meghan Clare just over 17 hours ago. She's a beautiful, BIG baby girl who has been absolutely wonderful so far. She's nursing like a champ, sleeping perfectly (for now, at least) and has a very sweet, serene disposition - although like most babies, she's happiest in Mommy and Daddy's arms. We were surprised by a full head of long, dark hair, and, while we were expecting a big baby, her almost nine and a half pounds were a bit of a shock. All said, we think she's a real stunner (although we may be biased), and we couldn't be happier right now. She's the perfect addition to our family of (now) five.

Meghan's first picture, right after birth.

In the care of the delivery nurses.

Mommy holding her baby girl for the first time.

And Daddy's turn.

The happy and healthy Mommy and baby.

And the exhausted but overjoyed parents.

Meghan meeting Grammy and Moira...

...the big sister.

Ian as a first-time big brother.

Meghan after a bath and a good night of sleep.

Her first (newborn) outfit--which won't fit for much longer!

We're praising God for a healthy, beautiful little baby girl, and we appreciate all of the prayers and love sent our way by our wonderful family and friends. Meghan and Mommy should be able to head home to join the rest of the family on Friday evening.


Kristen and Dave said...

Praise the Lord for His bountiful gifts! Congrats to you all!

Suzann said...

Yeah - she looks great! Congrats :0)

Kim said...

Yay for pictures!!!! She's beautiful! I love all the hair!! I can't believe I have to wait until November to meet her, darn it! Congrats again and love you guys!

Jessica said...

She's beautiful! Congrats!

DW Hobbs said...

What a beauty! And I can't believe all of that dark hair! A true Irish lass if I must say. :-) She's GORGEOUS! Can't wait to meet her.

Much love to all,

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

she is adorable! what a sweet little chunk (and i mean that in the very best way) of love! and look at all that hair! we are SO jealous! :) congrats...y'all did a good job!

Stephanie said...

What a blessing! Man, you're amazing! My babies aren't that big until they're several months old. Congratulations on your family of five!

Candace said...

She's GORGEOUS! Congratulations to you....we're rejoicing with your family and thanking Him for a safe delivery and healthy mom and baby!

We love you guys!

Neal Judisch and Family said...

Beautiful indeed. Nice name, too.

Congratulations, guys!

Neal, Janice, Madeline, Aidan, Evelyn, Lillian.

E said...

Congratualations!!! We all look forward to meeting little Meghan (hopefully sooner than later!). Praise God for happy, healthy baby & mama! Much love to you all!!! We look forward to watching Meghan grow into all that dark hair!

The Treats

gLORIous said...

She's beautiful! Her hair is so long you can already put it in ponytails. :) Congrats!!!

The Wilhite Family said...

Congrats again! Love the pictures and can't wait to meet her!! Love you guys!

Stephanie said...

You must be feeling good to be online already on FB and such---that's great! Enjoy the rest of your "babymoon"...I always love the private time in the hospital with the new one. :)

Nina and John said...

So happy for you! I'm glad everything went well, and that you are both healthy and happy! Love you all! Nina