the home stretch

I figured I should probably take the time to post an update again, before the baby arrives, now that we're less than a week from this little girl's estimated due date!

I had my last (39 week) OB appointment Wednesday, and every thing's looking really good - no weight gain, fundal height was 43 cm (or weeks - still measuring big), and I've reached my goal of 4 cm dilated before labor! Woot! :) My parents arrive in town on Sunday night, so if we can just wait until then, hopefully we'll be ready to have this baby. So excited... and getting a bit nervous too. Ultimately, I can't wait to meet my littlest baby girl. Here's me at 37.5 weeks.

Since school let out, we've been a frenzy of activity, trying to get the kids out of the house doing fun stuff and having play dates with friends. We joined the local Botanical Gardens and met some church friends out there for a fun (and hot!) day of water activities and pretty scenery. Looks fun, huh?

We've also gotten together with some of Moira's little girlfriends from school - there was a birthday party at the movies to see "Up," a lunch date at Chick-Fil-A, playing at the park, and story time at the library today. It's so fun to watch Moira getting bigger and interacting with her friends. So far, she's got great taste in her choice of friends! They're so cute together.

As usual, I've also managed to keep myself busy with various projects of the creative variety. Here's a look at the purse I knit for my friend Janessa's birthday, and the crocheted flower headband I made for Moira. Quick projects that are cute, fun and uber-gratifying. I think they both liked their gifts! There are more of these in the works, so there might be more to come later...

Now we're getting the house ready for Grammy & Papa's visit, and doing what we can to prepare for baby. We're all so excited to meet our little June Bug! I also just found out that the hospital we're delivering at has Wifi, so we intend to take the laptop with us and give updates here when I go into labor. Next time you hear from me here, hopefully it'll be with good news!


DW Hobbs said...

So cute!! I just loved your update and I can't wait for the big news! Man, I'm seriously getting nervous! I guess I'm just a jittery-auntie!!! It's purely from excitement though! Ah, much love to you guys, can't wait to see you in just about two weeks!


E said...

Sounds like so much summer fun! Praying for you all! I'm sure it will be a great blessing to have your parents in town and I hope the timing works out perfectly!


Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

so cute! let me know about coming over for pics sometime...i know it's going to be a busy week with vbs and everything else, but still want to get the photos you want! :)

Candace said...

Ooooo.....so, so exciting Janelle! I can't wait to hear the news and will be sure to check your blog daily so I don't miss a thing!

Your mom and dad came by yesterday and dropped off your mom's famous ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!!! How sweet is that!!!! It was so good to see them and visit for a bit. So glad they'll be with you in just a couple of days! Your parents are the BEST!

Much Love,

PS What a gorgeous belly! :-)

Katie said...

Alright...sounds like you're all ready!! You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! I can't wait to hear the big news! :-)

Luv ya!

The Wilhite Family said...

What a cute belly! Mailing your gift off today! ;) Can't wait to hear the news!

Janessa said...

I LOVE MY PURSE!!!! It's PERFECT!!! Gorgeous! I love it. Thank you!!!

Jessica said...

I loved having my laptop in the hospital with me! Good luck and I'll be thining of you guys this week!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! We saw the movie UP too. Very cute! Can't wait to hear the good news. :)

Nina and John said...

Can't wait for the news! I'll be watching the blog! Good luck! God is so good! Love y'all! Nina