Last Day of Kindergarten

Today is the last day of school! It seems like just a couple months ago we were sending our little girl off for her first day of Kindergarten, and now the year is over. Moira has grown so much this year - she's reading and writing, doing great with math, she's developed even more curiosity and personality (if that is even possible), and made some wonderful little friends. She had a wonderful teacher and a great school - I'm so thankful that her first year was such a positive experience. Next year she'll be going to a new school down the road (rezoning) and I hope and pray it'll all go as smoothly as this year has. Fortunately, she'll be making the move with her best little girlfriend from her class, Celeste.

Here's the tail-end of Moira's class singing their song for the Kindergarten Performance. Moira is the 5th one in orange, from the right.

After the Kindergarten Performance yesterday - doesn't she look all grown up?

The 3 little girls from her class that she's made such good friends with this year: (left to right)Kendal, Celeste, Moira and Chloe. Aren't they adorable?

Celeste & Moira - so glad they'll be going to the same school next year!

Hugging Daddy good-bye this morning before her last day. *sniff*

This Summer should hold lots of fun for her (and all of us). We have swim lessons set up with Celeste, fun church activities to occupy us, and play dates to make with Celeste, Chloe and Kendal - along with a new baby sister to anticipate! Life is good. Thanks for celebrating our precious big girl with us! :)


E said...

Yay! Congratulations on completing your first year of school, Moira!!! What a big accomplishment!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and many blessings in starting 1st grade!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a big girl!!

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

a big first grader next year! wow! :)

The Wilhite Family said...

We are so proud of sweet Moira! She's such a big girl!!!