That's right - my little boy is four years old! It just can't be possible. I so vividly remember whiling away pregnant hours dreaming of who my little boy, my only Son, would be. And now he's 4 - out of nowhere... I swear it just happened when I wasn't looking. In honor of my little guy's birthday, here are four things about you, dear Son, that I cherish with all my heart.

1. You can smile at me and suddenly everything in the world is right again. The ear to ear grin, complete with twinkling eyes makes me melt every time! We're gonna have to keep that sparkle in your eyes and solitary dimple under wraps when you're a teen, ya know...

Ian flashed me this killer smile while at his choice birthday dinner at Applebee's...

2. You're so silly! You'll do anything to try to make us all laugh, and you have the sweetest little giggle. Your Daddy and I can't help but grin at each other when we hear you and Moira off playing together, giggling away, in all your boyhood sweetness.

...but couldn't help but turn into a silly face monster shortly thereafter! The camera WAS out after all!

3. You're really such a good little boy. I know it's tough to be "good" sometimes - having all that energy and curiosity spilling over the top - but you really do amaze me at the tender age of four, how well you listen and obey. You usually seek to please and be as helpful as you can, and I don't think we give you enough credit for that! I'm so glad God gave you such a sweet spirit and a heart of gold.

The last day of preschool with Ms. Teresa and Ms. Sheree

4. You're an adoring little brother to Moira, and I know you're going to be an incredible big brother to your little sister too! There's no place you'd rather be than with your family, spending time together. I love that you cuddle with me, unprovoked, and that I often catch you spontaneously hugging one of us. There's such a warmth about your little arms wrapping themselves around me - your lovin' is contagious!
Happy faces, happy hearts.
I pray God will continue to bless you through out your boyhood and beyond. May you grow in His spirit and love, and never forget the gift that you are to us. Some day you will be big and strong, and won't need us anymore, but I pray that you'll take with you all the love and direction that we have to give. To my dear Ian, we love you, now and always.
Love, Mommy


E said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!

What a sweet tribute to your boy, Janelle! I always struggle to keep it to the number of years. I bet you did, too! So many things to love & honor about precious little ones!

the mccann clan said...

E - I totally took your idea! I love how you write about each child on their birthdays, and it was really difficult to keep it to 4 things! I think I went really broad with my 4, so it covered a wide range of attributes! :) Thanks for the great idea!

DW Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday, dear Ian!! I remember so vividly the few hours that I anxiously spent wide-eyed on your Mommy and Daddy's couch in the middle of the night while Moira slept and we all awaited news of your birth! I cherish that small, minute connection with you little Man and I hope you'll always know that "Uncle" Stephen and "Aunt" Dara love you!!!

And to your dear Mommy, this little Man, no matter how big he grows will *always* need you. ;-) Take it from a daughter who has a brother who is now bigger than both of his parents. He still needs 'em. ;-)

Love to all!!!!

E said...

Ha! I don't know if I've seen it elsewhere, but it's hardly an original idea...so I can't fully claim it, I don't think. I'm sure I've done some version of it every year for Eben...even though it's usually in a letter or card. I've done the same thing for parents & nieces & nephews, too, on occasion. However, I think I've seen it on other blogs...I just couldn't tell you where.

It was a lovely tribute (and I cheat just like you did...no way to limit it to just four). A mama's love is just too wide & deep for such constraints!

I just had the "oh my!" sort of thought remembering how soon you're due! I can't wait to find out her name...and...better...see photos of her with her family...and...better...meet her in real life!

the mccann clan said...

Dara - that's no minute connection to him! It's very special to his Mama as well. :) And hopefully you're right that this little guy will always need (or at least want) his Mommy!

Erica - I can't wait to tell you her name, and show you photos, and have you meet her!! :) So soon, and not soon enough... if you know how I feel.

I love both of you girls - you're the best!

xoxo - J

Suzann said...

Well, that's a 3 kleenex-er. Don't be surprised if you see something similar come July :0)

Katie said...

Has it really been 4 years??!!! He is such a beautiful boy and what a lucky little guy to have such a wonderful family! Luv u Janelle!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Ian! Know that your May aunt, uncle and cousins love you! And miss you tons!

The Wilhite Family said...

Happy Birthday Ian!!! Your present is in the mail! We love you!