Obsessed much?

So yes, I'm the type of crafter (and person in general) who goes through crazy spurts of productivity with a particular thing, and lately it's been knitting. I just can't seem to get enough!! I love working with fiber, being productive and creative at the same time, and being able to use or gift the finish product - it's so completely satisfying! I've been crocheting for quite some time now (about 8 years), but I've only started teaching myself to knit in the last 2 or 3, so I'm not quite as proficient in my newest love as I am in the other. I think the thing that has spurred me on lately is the prospect of getting to wrap my newest baby girl in some really cute hand knit pieces! :) So, without further ado, let me unveil my most recent accomplishments...

"Darling!" (a mock cable jumper and diaper cover) from Pipsqueak Knits by Jil Eaton. Knit in Berroco Comfort, color 9757. Size 6-12 months, for the Loaf this Fall.
This was so much fun to work on! Really love the soft, stretch fiber and I think our little girl will look lovely in this with her brown hair and blue eyes - assuming she's going to look anything like her siblings! ;-)

"Baby Bolero" from One Skein by Leigh Radford. Knit for baby #3 in Bernat Alpaca, color wheat, size newborn. Has a lovely Eyelet pattern on the center back, but I couldn't get a good shot of it. This is actually the second I've made - it's super quick (2 nights or so) and makes a sweet baby gift.
"Saartje's booties" a free pattern on ravelry.com by Saartje de Bruijn. Knit with Wildflower D.K. by Plymouth Yarn, flower buttons from Hancock Fabrics, size newborn.
I'm new to ravelry, but all I have to say is it ROCKS - definitely go check it out if you're a knitter or crocheter! I loved the double strap on this pattern, for style purposes and security, knowing how easily baby shoes tend to slip off. Can't wait to slip these pale green booties with pink flower buttons on our newborn!
"Provence Baby Cardigan" also a free pattern on ravelry.com by Classic Elite Yarns. Knit in Berroco Pure Pima (cotton), color 2241, size 9-12 months - perfect Spring cardigan for our baby.

I loved this cardigan the moment I first saw it! Something about the leaf panels shown here, worked in delicate, slick, cotton was magic to me.

It hasn't been blocked yet, but I'm really pleased with the way this turned out! I was also pleased to find such perfect buttons to match at Hancock.

I'm really proud of these! They're a version of Saartje's booties modified by yours truly, and the first piece of knitting I've made creative changes to... ever! :) Crocheted up a little flower, sewed it on with a small button for the center and viola! - a darn cute little bootee, if I do say so myself!

Knit with Patons Grace in color Rose and Snow, size newborn.

If you saw the maternity photos in my last post, these are indeed the very same booties from the pictures. I look forward to displaying a picture of our little girl wearing these next to the picture of them resting on my belly.

And, finally, here is a sneak peak of my current work in progress, which also happens to be my first cable project! I won't tell you what it's going to be just yet - but I'm really excited about this one, since it's actually for me! Knit in Patons Classic Merino Wool, color Dark Grey Mix 00225. Loving the challenge and repetition of cables. :)
That's all for now. Aren't you impressed that I've posted again so soon?! I hope you've enjoyed seeing these projects - even if it's only a smidge as much as I enjoyed making them and sharing them with you! :) As always, thanks for letting me ramble, and caring enough to read it all.


DW Hobbs said...

Yay, I'm first to post for once!! ;-)

Oh, my dear girl...these are works of ART!! They're so beautiful...and knowing you made them with loving hands and a loving heart makes them even more stunning than they already are...I am at a loss for words. Your talents never cease to amaze me and your inspiration never ceases to tug at my heartstrings.

You rock, girlfriend!

Much love to you,

Jennifer said...

Seriously! You have a gift! Each one of these pieces are little treasures! I can't wait to see pictures of the daughter that is to come in them! LOVE them!

Bruce Judisch said...

These are incredible! Where do you get your talent? The only thing I can knit is my brow...

Love, Dad

Jessica said...

They're all beautiful! I've got the One Skein book too, but haven't made anything from it yet. One of these days... I also printed that bootie pattern a long time ago, but still haven't made those either. So I guess you're a bit more productive than I am with all these. ;)

LauraGST said...

I am impressed!

I love that cardigan and the booties are so darn cute!

Suzann said...

So cool! I don't know why we are so amazed - you are so crafty, why not a great knitter, too? These are wonderful and I look forward to pix of Bronwyn in all these creations :0)

the mccann clan said...

Careful Suzann! You're going to convince others that her name is actually going to be Bronwyn too!! ;o)

Kim said...

Janelle! Wowza! These are amazing, amazing creations! I just love (and have had so many compliments on) the sweater you knitted Cambria. I would be more than happy to indulge your obsession with a few order requests for any member of the May Family! Maybe we can trade some fiber art for some ceramic art?!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those all look so wonderful! What a great way to show your love for your little ones. And they'll make wonderful hand-me-downs to your grandchildren. :)

The Wilhite Family said...

Those are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You are AMAZINGLY talented!!

Janessa said...

OMGosh, they're gorgeous!!! I love it!!! You have so much talent Janelle. More talent in your little finger than I have in my entire body!!! Good gracious girl. Good gracious is all I can say and I just can't wait to see the loaf modeling them!