Can it be true? Wow. My first-born is a whole 6 years old. Gone are the days of being a baby - Moira's a bonafide little lady now! And what a sweet little lady she is. I absolutely cherish being the Mommy of such an amazing little girl, and in honor of your birthday, here are 6 reasons why I love you so.

1. Just look at you. There's no faking that sweet spirit you can so easily see shining through your eyes. I love how genuine you are, and how readily you share all of yourself with those you encounter! You're so happy and fun, and it's a true joy to be your Mommy and watch you grow into the beautiful young lady you're becoming.

Sweetly entertaining yourself at your Red Robin birthday dinner tonight!

2. Both Ian & Meghan are SO blessed to be your little brother and sister, because you're such an amazing big sis! You sincerely love your siblings, and it does this mother's heart good to see you playing and giggling with Ian one minute, then comforting and loving on Meghan the next. I hope you always keep your family first and take care of each other.

You loved your little sister from the moment you laid eyes on her... I cherish that you have such a big heart with so much love to give.
3. Since you were a little girl, you've always been my social butterfly, but I've especially enjoyed watching you mature and make some real friendships over the last year. Not only are you a wonderful, caring and fun friend, but I'm so pleased with who you've chosen to make friends with! I pray that you will always make such good decisions when choosing friends, and continue to be such a compassionate, loving and joyful friend.

Enjoying the girly sweetness of childhood friendships.
4. You're so smart! I love watching you learn. I worried over the last few years, watching you develop, that I may have passed my perfectionistic streak on to you. I'd see so much of me in you when you refused to try something new, unless you knew you could do it perfectly on the first attempt. That's why it's been such a joy to see you conquer that in school this year and embrace the learning process!! You're reading and writing, you're learning to swim, you've taken on the monkey bars at the park with no mercy, and you're always so full of curiosity and the desire to learn. Keep it up girl! It's okay to fail, as long as you pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and keep on trying! :) I love you.

Learning to swim at the local pool this Summer... and looking cute at the same time!

5. Could you be any more of a drama queen?! Some times this gets you into trouble, yes, but mostly we love watching your imagination come to life so vividly through your play. I love seeing you take after your Daddy in this way. Like him, you're so full of life and really have a way of expressing yourself in such a unique way... I hope you'll always be such an individual and animated! Your sparkle makes me smile.

Being "attacked" by a Great White in the shark cage at the aquarium!

6. What a girly-girl you've become! I'm having so much fun with all of your girliness lately - painting toe nails, hairstyle requests, picking out your own "cute" clothes, faithfully carrying around your own little purse, and loving anything that's glittery and shines. Yet, you'll still wrestle with Daddy and play T-ball in the backyard with Ian... and why not? You can have the best of both worlds! You're such a pretty little thing, but you never forget that it's what's inside that truly counts - and you, my dear, are beautiful inside and out!!

Girling it up with glittery face paint at the Renaissance Festival.

A short video clip of the "big news" from our birthday girl today!

We pray that you'll continue to grow into the sweet-spirited young lady that you're already becoming. May you bear much fruit as you grow in the Lord, and always keep Him first in your heart. I treasure these moments while you're still my little girl, and hope that as you'll inevitably keep growing, you'll always let me be your doting Mommy. We love you with all of our hearts, and we always will.

Love, Mommy


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Moira!

Oh, Janelle, what a sweet way of letting your little girl how much you love her!

DW Hobbs said...

What a beautiful post, Janelle, for a beautiful little girl. I too cannot believe how she's grown. Such a darling. Thanks for sharing your loving sentiments with us...we love you all and are so glad Mira had a great bday with her family! Hugs!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Moira! Avery loved getting to talk to you by phone last night! Can't wait to see you in person! Love you!

Bruce Judisch said...

What a great tribute. This is something that needs to be kept way beyond the life of the Internet.

Love you both, love you all!

(and happy birthday, Moira!)


Grammie & Papa & Mimi

E said...

Such a precious way to honor your darling daughter on her birthday! Happy Birthday, Moira!!! AND lots of love!!! We pray the coming year is filled with many blessings in your young life!!!!