I absolutely love this little town about 30 minutes away from where we live. It's a Danish settlement that's kept it's heritage and has some awesome little shops and restaurants that you could spend a week exploring! We decided to head out there late this morning to do a little early Christmas shopping and had as great time, as usual. You feel like you're stepping out of California and into a little danish town in the old world. Here are some pics from our day...
Here's Moira stopping to make a wish at the fountain. Guess what she wished for. She said, with all the seriousness that a 4 year old can muster, "I wish we could go to Texas!" Us too, kiddo... us too.
Moira enjoying the "Solvang Restaurant"

Isn't this hilarious? Ian insisted on trying the mustard on his french fries - and can you believe he liked it? What a brave little boy!

My other "little boy" was not brave enough to try the mustard, but he did try a new beer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Are vikings supposed to be this cute?

We're trying to enjoy every bit of California before it's time to go, and today was a good start. Next weekend is "Danish Days" in Solvang, so we may just end up back there again soon! And, I'm sure many more pics will follow here! :)


Suzann said...

We loved Solvang, too. It's very cool. Did you hike that trail to the waterfall? Wish we could explore it with you but we are exploring on our own this weekend :0) We'll have to tell you all about it.

DW Hobbs said...

Thanks for sharing, Janelle, everyone looks great! Give those beautiful babies big hugs for me! Oh heck, give one to Collin too! ;-)

Jules said...

How cute your kids are! Thanks for showing the pix. Lol, I love the mustard for Ian.

Kristen & Dave said...

They're adorable!! And Dave would love to dry a Danish beer, he'll be jealous.