What plans?

I intended to have more interesting things to write about this weekend, with plans to go to a BBQ this afternoon and the drive-in theatre tonight - but alas, Ian has come down with the flu. I thought we were free and clear, since it was over a week ago that Moira came down with what's looking like the same bug, but I guess not. So, no fun weekend plans for us. We'll be staying home, taking care of a sick kiddo. I don't mind too very much though, it's sometimes nice to have a restful weekend at home, and I have many projects I need to work on around here - including finishing up several swaps I've been working on. Here's a taste:

This is my "February" page for the calendar swap I'm in. I made 13 of these in all.

Here's a view of the calendar "candy" I made to go with it.

Perhaps if I'm feeling very productive (or Ian's feeling better) I'll post more on our weekend later! Enjoy your weekend, all you readers in the blogosphere! :)


Jules said...

Wonderful, that is a great page. So very beautiful!

The Wilhite Family said...

Janelle you are so talented! I love looking at all of the stuff you make!

Stephanie said...

Oh, my...you are so talented! You almost make me want to get back into stamping mode...almost. ;)