Spilling the beans!!!

Okay, I can't wait anymore, I've just gotta spill the beans! In about 9 months time, we'll be welcoming two more little members to our big, happy family! (And, no - I'm not having twins...) We found out this weekend that both my sister Kim & her husband Tom, and my brother Neal & his wife Janice are expecting! Yea!!! :) Although, I must admit, this means serious trouble for Collin and me - Kim, Janice and I always seem to get pregnant around the same time, so we'll have to watch out! ;)

Anyhow, both little blessings should be arriving around the end of April 2008, and I'm just thrilled to death! I'm so excited that I'll be living in San Antonio this time around and much closer to Neal & Janice, not to mention I'll get to go to the hospital to meet Kim and Tom's new little one! There's a lot of change and new things happening in all of our lives - 2008 should be a very exciting year! Much love and many blessings to both families!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the expectancy of both babies! I didn't realize your sister and brother had such big families already. Once again, Congratulations!

Suzann said...

Whoa! You totally freaked me out! I really thought you were pregnant. Anyway, great for Tom, Kim, Neal & Janice - how exciting!! Pass on blessings from us :0)

Jules said...

Yeah! That's cool! Congrats to your brother and sister.

The Jackson Family said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'll bet your parents are THRILLED! Love you girl!

Candace said...

Oh, how exciting!!! Thank you for spilling the beans!

Congrats to the WHOLE family!

The Sabos