Huntsville, Alabama

We arrived in Huntsville on Wednesday afternoon, just in time to get our stuff in the hotel and settle a little bit before Collin was off to meet with one of the L3 guys to get spun up for the interview on Thursday morning. His meeting went well, and they gave him some good information for the interview the following morning. We did find out that there are 18 people interviewing for 4 positions, so that's about a bit worse than a 1 in 4 chance of getting the job. Collin said the interview went well though, and the interviewers seemed to like him, so that's good. He feels he did his best, and we'll just have to see what happens - the rest is up to God. We're hoping to hear the results of the interview in about 2 weeks, so please continue to pray.

Huntsville turned out to be a really neat city, and we really enjoyed the opportunity to explore a bit. It was nestled in the foothills of the mountains, in the Tennessee valley and had beautiful scenery as well as a lot of neat things to offer. The Marshall Space Center, where Space Camp is located, was quite a spectacle from the road, and even though we didn't get the chance to spend any time there, we definitely hope to if we end up in Huntsville! There was also a really neat outdoor shopping area called Bridge Street Town Centre (kinda like La Cantera, for those of you familiar with San Antonio) and they had beautiful buildings with shopping, a huge movie theatre, a carousel and water fountain play-scape for the kids, and a man-made lake with paddle boat rentals and gondola rides! All in all, Huntsville looks like it would be a good place to live, if that's where the Lord sends us.
We got in to Niceville, FL last night and had a wonderful time catching up with Stephen and Dara! We've got plans to take the kids to the beach today, so I should have some more pictures of the Florida half of our trip soon.

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E said...

It looks great! I'll be praying about this opportunity...and I'll be asking for an answer very soon at that!

Eben was bemoaning the fact that Moira lives ALL THE WAY IN TEXAS...so Kevin told him if he has a TDY there someday, we'll all go and hang out with you guys. Then I said...well, they might not be in Texas long. Then Eben said, "That's OK. We can go to Alabama." It's so simple, after all. :)

It was so wonderful visiting with you all. Thank you so much for being here (in Florida) for Abel's baptism. It was such a joy to be surrounded by friends for this event. Really, I can't tell you what a blessing it was!

I love Dara's quote from Dr. Seuss. It was such a wonderful time. Definitely worth thinking about a regular reunion. :)

I hope you guys have made it home safely and are all doing well. Road trips - ugh!