Mother's Day 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful women out there celebrating this day in some way or another. I was gifted with a beautiful digital photo frame today, so I spent some time looking through my family photos to find my absolute favorites, when I stumbled on this video. I had to post this here today, as this is one of the most significant moments in my life as a Mother to date... my only daughter meeting my only son.

There's my bit of sentimentality for the day, so thank you for obliging me. Much love to you all.


DW Hobbs said...

Oh sweetie, I'm all blubbery now! I remember that day! And the night before, of course, and not sleeping a wink on your couch as I imagined meeting little Ian while you brought him into the world! I still remember vividly Collin calling to share the news that morning after Moira had just gotten up and was having some breakfast...I had such fun with Moira after I learned Ian's name and was asking her to say it for me. ;-) I can't believe your kiddos have grown so much...Happy Mother's Day, Janelle! And you said Kim was grace personified! Let me tell ya honey that you are indeed a mmeber of the same family of beautiful and grace-filled women based on that video. ;-)

Caleb & Anne said...

janelle, that is precious! thanks for sharing!

Suzann said...

How precious - you have to have some more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! What a precious video. Thanks for sharing that memory with us. Love you and miss you very much!

E said...

What a wonderful video! Thanks so much for sharing...and, Happy Mother's Day (a few days late)!

Lots of love!

The Jackson Family said...

Precious! I am watching your little girl meeting your little boy, and getting all excited to share that experience in a few months!
And I agree-- you're so beautiful in that video, as beautiful as Kim after Cambria arrived.
Thank you so much for sharing your special moment!