My youngest is THREE?!?

There it is... Ian turned three years old on Saturday, and I can't believe I don't have any babies anymore. We're tossing the paci and starting in on potty-training, and it seems so weird to me to have semi-big kids. God has truly blessed me with beautiful, smart, funny and unique children, and while it's hard to watch them getting older and more independent, it's a joy to see them grow.

Yesterday was spent having a family birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's and bringing the whole gang back to the house for cake, ice cream and presents. It's so fun to see all the cousins play together and to spend good quality time with our extended family! Unfortunately, the pictures aren't the best (I was much to busy hosting a party, you know), but here's a good representation of Ian's 3rd birthday party.

The birthday boy (aka Soda Monster) enjoying his party

Daddy enjoying the Chuck E Cheese gaming action!

Moira & Ian on the roller coaster simulator ride (or roaster coaster, as Ian would say)

The dinosaur cake

Enjoying the company of the May cousins

Opening presents... with a little help from his sister & cousins!

His birthday gift from us was a new big-boy Tonka bike, which I think he'll be enjoying for quite a while. Thank you for remembering our sweet little guy with us, as we celebrate his life. All of the well-wishes and gifts are much appreciated - thank you notes to come!


DW Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!! You've been loved since day one, little man, and today you are greatly missed by those who couldn't celebrate with you!!

We love you and hope to see you very soon!

Stephen & Dara

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ian!! What a big boy you are!

The Jackson Family said...

Happy birthday, Ian! Janelle and Collin, I can't believe your YOUNGEST is 3! That cake was adorable.

E said...

Happy Birthday, Ian!!!

Looks like a great party - Eben is all about the dinosaurs, so the cake made me smile!

And...ergh...thank you cards...that reminds me...