Better Late Than Never?

Yes, it's far past Halloween now, and we're well into November and all things election, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to post our pics of my sweet little ones in their holiday spirit... despite being a few days behind!

Moira wanted to make treat bags for all her classmates again this year, so she helped me make these simple tags and signed the backs of all 18 of them. She also wrote each recipients name on the front of each bag. She's such a gift-giver!

Her class had a "Harvest Day" party with a cowboy/cowgirl theme, so this is how Moira attended school Friday. We made the shirt with iron-on rhinestone letters, found the bandanna and foam hat at Michael's... and voila - a genuine Cowgirl!
Ian dressed up to, since we went to the school for her party and younger siblings were welcome to participate. What a cutie!

At the party, Moira and her friend Celeste played up to our camera with their cute ways.
On to Halloween night and getting ready to go trick or treating! Moira was a Queen (I thought she was a princess, but she sternly corrected me) and Ian was a Ninja. Thanks to Uncle Stephen & Aunt Dara for the cute treat bags - they definitely worked out well!

We had perfect weather, not to hot nor too cold, and the kid's made it around most of the neighborhood before calling it a night.

They scored lots of candy, but we took a page out of Aunt Suzann's book this year, and gave them a choice. They could keep all their candy, or trade it to the "Tooth Fairy" for a new toy. After pigging out a bit Halloween night, they both decided the next morning to opt for the toy! Bye, bye to all that candy that we really didn't want around the house anyway!! :)


The Bottolfini's said...

How flippin cute are they!?!? I love the pictures. Adorable.

Janice and family said...

Moira is doing such a good job writing! The gift bags are great!
And my, does she look like her mamma!

Ian makes a great little cow poke and ninja...jack of all trades!

Looks like you guys are having fun, hope you are feeling well!

DW Hobbs said...

CUTE!!! And always much better a wee bit late than never! So glad to see those costumes turned out so well, the kids really looked great in them! And Moira...what a sweetie! Thanks for sharing!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

love the costumes! they look so great!

Stephanie said...

How are you feeling, Janelle? Do you get sick? Just checkin' in...