This week I'm thankful that Collin is back home after his 5 day business trip to Vandenberg AFB last week. Their mission was a success, he made it home safely, and we're all happy to have him home. I'm also very thankful for the sweet friends that we've made out here, that took it upon themselves to help me while he was out of town!

The kids and I were invited over to the house of one of our friends from church (Misty & Stephen, and their two kids Eli & Liza) on Monday night while he was gone, which was wonderful because the kids got some play time, and I didn't have to cook! Then, our friends/neighbors across the street (Jeff & Vicky, and their two kids Nathan & Joshua) brought over a huge dinner on Wednesday night for me and the kids to help out. I was so blessed by everyone's generosity and helpfulness!! Here's a picture of what we were treated to Wednesday night:

On the menu was roasted chicken with German-style red potatoes, onions and carrots, rice pilaf, rolls, an awesome salad, AND yummy fruit salad with sugar cookies for dessert!! Talk about a feast for the 3 of us - what a blessing!


The Bottolfini's said...

That made me so hungry! It's too bad you had to leave the military to have someone help you out, huh? I didn't participate in GratiTuesday today because we had a death in the family, but I'll be back on board next week. Hope you enjoyed your num nums.

DW Hobbs said...

Wow, what wonderful neighbors you have!! It's good to know you were being taken care of even while Collin was away, makes my heart happy. ;-) Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a spread! You have some very generous friends/neighbors. Happy to hear your husband made it home safely.