Once again, I'm woefully behind in blogging. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm now a busy Momma of 3 now? Scratch that. It IS because I'm a busy Momma of 3! I'll try to be better about it, but for now you'll just have to be content with some catch up. September has come and gone, but this is some of what has gone on.

Meghan turned three months old on the 17th! Of course, now she's coming up on 4 months, but I'll save that for another post. She has really been drooly and munching on those fingers, so we think she might've started the teething process. Earlier than the other two did, but no real cutting of teeth yet, so we'll see what happens. She's still growing, which is a blessing I probably take for granted most of the time. Here are two of her 3 month teddy pics. As you can see, she's found her hands and is my most content baby yet! :) (Click here to compare with her newborn and 1 month teddy pics and here with her 2 month teddy pictures.)

Got those hands!

Sweet face and so big!
I might've lost my mind, but I've also begun selling the hand knit purses I started making this Summer. I've been up to my eyeballs in yarn and handbags, but it's helping us get a little extra money for the holidays, so I suppose it's been good. I'm afraid I have taken over our dining room table though... ;-)
The normal state of our dining room table as of late.

Finally with a bag of my very own.
Well, I suppose that's about it. We've gotten back into the school routine and been enjoying our new classes and teachers. Everyone has stayed healthy, which is a huge blessing with a little baby in the house! We also got our yearly pictures of the big kids taken recently, along with Meghan's 3 month pictures, so be looking for that post soon. :)

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