Name Frames

One of my best girlfriends, Dara, is temporarily working overseas. It's been so interesting to hear her stories and learn about other cultures. I've especially enjoyed the touching stories she's shared with me about some of the local people she's had the pleasure of working with and befriending. As she's drawing near to the end of her time there, she asked me to make a couple of name frames as gifts for two women she's befriended during her stay, which I was happy to do! I hope they'll serve as a reminder of Dara's sweet friendship and that there are people out there that care about them! Here's a look at what I created for her:

I had a little business going for myself in Montana, making these for people who asked me to do so, and I enjoyed getting the chance to do it again! I feel that these are that much sweeter because of the spirit in which they're being given!

I think I might start offering up my services again, and make them for people - I enjoy it so much! :) Dara has ordered 3 more now that these are complete!

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Jules said...

Your name frames are beautiful. I am glad that Dara is doing well. Wow, you are busy! Thanks for blogging.