A quick update

I just have a quick update on the job stuff today. We've heard back from our contact at Lucas Group in charge of finding interviews for Collin, and we should have more information by the 10th of September. That's when we'll find out if he has any interviews and how many, so that we can make the decision on whether it's worth going to the hiring conference this time around. Please pray that there will be at least a few good companies interested in Collin, if that's God's plan, so that we can continue our plan for him to attend the conference.

I've been struggling over the last few days with my spirits being down over all this, but I think it's primarily been due to a cold that's was on it's way, and has now hit me in full force. I'm actually feeling better now that I know why I was feeling so crappy! As soon as you make the decision to trust God wholly, it seems like that's the moment you're attacked on all sides. Fortunately, we had some encouraging things happen yesterday. Collin was search monster.com for more job postings and found one for an H-E-B (big grocery store in Texas) Warehouse Manager. He thought it looked good, so he applied and monster sent him back a bunch of other postings similar to the one he applied for. After looking them through, we were happy to see there were several others that he was interested in and qualified for! He ended up applying for 5 or 6 more positions yesterday, which really raised our spirits, because we felt we were in a dry spell where there just weren't any new postings that applied to him. On top of that, he heard back from one of those companies a few hours after we applied, stating that they were interested in him for the position and wanted him to send his resume in a Word doc and fill out his answers to some "pre-screen" interview questions! Yea! :) Finally, a company in San Antonio that we'd be interested in has gotten back to us - and pretty quickly too! Anyway, whether this is where God will ultimately place us, we don't know, but it really helped our spirits and feel like the ball is finally rolling!

Thank you all for your continued support, thoughtful e-mails and phone calls and especially all the prayers! I say again, keep 'em comin'! Much love to you all!

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Jules said...

Ruth sent me (by way of a mutual friend who went on vacation and stopped at her house on the way) stamps. A whole big Walmart bag of stamps. It was so sweet.

I am sorry that you are under the weather. Don't let your spirits get you down. It sounds like the ball is rolling nicely. Lots of jobs with things he likes to do. He applied for 5 or 6 that is great. Praying for you, still