So, we've established that God is trying to teach me patience, right? Well, apparently He's trying to teach me to slow-down too... in running to get our ringing phone, I slammed my foot into the side of our chair and broke my toe. Yup - it's official, my first broken bone. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to urgent care because I was getting ready to leave for a Stampin' Up party I was doing that night, so we taped it and I decided to do the party and wait until today to go in to the doctor. (Now that's dedication to stamping - huh?!)

I did get into urgent care today and they did x-rays and confirmed it was broken. So, I'll be sportin' a fashionable black medical shoe (to act as a splint since you can really cast the forth toe), buddy-wrapped toes and a beautiful shade of purple-blue skin on my puffy foot! ;) I'm actually feeling fine, it doesn't really hurt unless I put pressure on it or bend it when I walk. Of course, they told me to keep it elevated and iced over the next couple days, and to get plenty of "rest" - whatever that is! ;)

Why, do you ask, was I running like a maniac for the phone all day yesterday? Well, I'll tell you, so I can justify my stupidity a bit! :) We received a phone call yesterday morning from the President of Efficient Attic Systems (http://www.efficientattic.com/) wanting to talk to Collin about a job opportunity. Of course Collin wasn't home, so I took a message and after a round of phone-tag, I was finally able to give him a number to reach Collin. I figured once Collin spoke to him, he would call me back and let me know what it was all about - hence all the maniacal running for the phone every time it rung. (See, it doesn't sound too stupid now... right? Okay maybe it still does.)

Anyway, the phone call turned out to be quite interesting after all. He told Collin a bit about the company (located in Dallas with offices in Houston) and that, because of their growth, they're opening a location in San Antonio - and they're interested in Collin for the Director of Operations for the new San Antonio location!! Crazy, right? Basically, he'd be starting the offices out there, with the Sales Manager and Installation Manager directly under him, and he'd answer to and be trained by the heads in the corporate office in Dallas. They had a good long phone call and it ended with Bob, the President, asking Collin to call him during the 2nd week of September so that he can have things on his end prepared, and so they can discuss a possible interview in Dallas when Collin is there for this hiring conference during the 3rd week of September. The only concern was that he's looking for this new Director of Operations to start in October (not sure when in Oct) so they'd be ready to open up the new business around January, and we're not sure how quickly we'd be able to separate from the AF in order to get down there in time for October. We figured God will make the timing work if this is the position He wants for Collin - but again, it's all a waiting game.

Well, that's my update. The 10th of September will be a big day for us, since that's when we'll find out whether Lucas Group will have any/how many interviews for Collin in Dallas, and he'll get to talk to Bob at Efficient Attics again. Please be in prayer for us over these different opportunities, that God will show us where to go from here. As always, we appreciate all the dedication of our family and friends to pray for us during this time! We definitely feel your prayers! :)

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Jules said...

I will pray, Janelle. I am sorry about your broken toe. I hope that it will be better, soon! I can't believe that you still did the party. You go, girl! LOL
That job does sound good. I will pray for God's will in the mix.