On my heart & mind

Well, our computer has been in the 'shop' for the last week, so hence my lack of posting and even e-mailing, but I wanted to give a quick update about a couple things on my heart and mind.

First, is good news on the job front. Last Tuesday Collin went to a job fair at Texas State University in San Marcos and came away with a very encouraging experience (praise God!). He met with an HR Rep and Manager from H-E-B (a huge grocery store chain in Texas) and they seemed really interested in him for the Management Training Program. It was such a good exchange that the same Manager of one of the processing plants, Hugo, asked the HR girl to set up a time for Collin to come out and see the manufacturing and processing plants, and consider whether he'd be interested in a management opportunity there. They kind of hit it off, and when he asked when Collin was available, to which Collin replied "when do you want me to start," Hugo's eyes lit up and he was very excited that he was available right away. So, we got a call on Friday afternoon scheduling the entire morning today at the plant with Hugo and interviewing with a couple Directors - and that's where he is this morning. So, my head and heart have been in prayer for Collin this morning. We pray that God will make His will known in this opportunity and that it may be the beginning of something wonderful in our lives. Please say a prayer for him if you're reading this this morning. He'll be there from 8am to noon. We'll let you know how it goes once we have a chance to talk together about it.

The other thing that's been on my heart for a few days now is a friend of mine, Erica. She and I met at our church in Montana and have kept in touch since. She and her husband, Kevin, have a son a little older than Moira, Eben, and they've been in the process of adopting a little Ethiopian boy for the last year. The process is finally coming to an end, as Erica is now in Ethiopia this week to bring their sweet little boy, Abel, home. I've been able to follow her trip there to get him on her adoption blog, and it's been a heart-wrenching and very raw experience for me to read her posts. She's scheduled to fly home (about 30 hours of total travel time) with Abel on Saturday, unless she can get an earlier flight for Friday, but they're both struggling with illness and lack of sleep and my heart just goes out to her. Please, please say a prayer for their growing family. For their health, travel mercies, that all the paperwork will be accepted without trouble, and for their adjustment into a new little family of four. What a blessing for little Abel to be taken in to such a loving and God-fearing family. Our prayers are with you.

"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." -Isaiah 43:5
"We have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father."
- Romans 8:15


DW Hobbs said...

I completely understand how moving Erica's blog is for you...well I can't really because I'm not a mommy but my heart still aches for this long arduous journey of hers! *sigh* MEANWHILE, I'm in happy and hopeful prayer of Collin's day today, I hope it went GREAT!

E said...


Thanks so much for the wonderful words & the many prayers! It is a blessing beyond measure!

We're hoping & praying you guys will hear good news really soon on the job front. It sounds like the interview went really well...and the company sounds so great. Collin will be such a fantastic addition and they'll definitely benefit from having him on the team. I hope you'll be blessed with amazing news even earlier than you expect it!

Thanks again, Janelle! We love you guys & will continue to pray for you in this big adventure and the other ones to come in the future!