Sea World

We finally bit the bullet and got Sea World season passes on Saturday! Here are a few fun pictures from our day at the park:

Moira really wanted to go on the big rollercoasters, so Collin took her on the kiddie Shamu coaster to appease her until she's big enough to ride some of the big ones. Seriously, she really is sitting next to him, you just can't see her from this angle. ;o)

Ian wasn't quite big enough for the Shamu coaster yet, so Mommy took him to do a little fishin'! He practices this game (on a bit smaller scale) at Grammy's house all the time, so he was well prepared. I think we have a natural fisherman in the making...
...check out his prize! What a cute little monkey, and the stuffed one's not too bad either!
Moira and Daddy enjoying "The Cannery Row Caper" a very clever sea lion show.

One of the dolphins we made friends with at the feeding pool. No one had any fish yet, but he must've thought we were cute, so he came up for a better look!

Some of you have asked if we've heard anything back from HEB yet, so I thought I'd update you. The HR recruiter called us last week to let us know that she'd talked to the guys he interviewed with and they both liked him and thought the interviews went really well. Unfortunately, there was an inter-departmental disconnect, if you will, and there aren't any positions open right now. So, he'd pretty much have the job if there was one to be had at the moment, but there's not. She did assure him that things can change on a dime around there though, and asked him to keep in touch with her so she can keep looking for him. So, not bad news, but not great news either. We suppose this opportunity is not out entirely, just deferred. We'll just have to wait and see what God has in store, and what His timing will be. Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes, keep them coming, and we'll keep you all posted.


DW Hobbs said...

So glad you had a wonderful day at Sea World and an overall wonderful start to the week despite the ho hum news from HEB. ;-( We'll keep those prayers comin'!

E said...

Sea World looks like so much fun. Eben would love that! We're hoping to do a Sea World trip sometime this year....

I'm so sorry to hear that bit of news about HEB. I thought it sounded like it would have been a great fit. I'm praying the Lord will pour at His mercy & grace and bring Collin to the perfect opportunity right away. He's such a great hire. My prayer is that he'll find a company & a position in his league...I know that has to be the problem. God has to be lining up something amazing. I really have to believe that. Your faithfulness throughout this journey is so moving and we're really hoping & praying & holding on with you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great time at Sea World!! Love the pictures!

Sorry to hear about HEB, but like your friend above said God must have something amazing lined up for Collin. We'll continue to pray.