Showers of blessings

I'm just dropping in to update y'all on how well the interview with H-E-B went yesterday - praise God! Of course, when Collin arrived home, I immediately hammered him for details, to which he was very gracious to oblige, so I will sum it all up. He met with Hugo first thing in the morning and was given some background on his experience with the company. Then they toured the floral processing plant, the snack (where they make potato and tortilla chips) plant, the dairy plant, and saw where they make (H-E-B brand) Creamy Creations ice cream - which was all very interesting according to Collin. Hugo then took him to meet John, the Director of Process Improvement, and had more of a formal interview, which also went very well. He felt he had a good response for every question, and thinks John liked him pretty well. Both Hugo and John said in their own words that even though it's not entirely their decision, they'd love to have Collin on board! Yea - what an encouraging thing to hear from an interview! So, Collin called the HR lady that he met at Texas State and who set up the interview for him, and thanked her for her help and let her know how it went. She told Collin that she'd be talking to Hugo and John and we should be hearing back from her in about a week. Collin said he feels it really went as well as it could have gone, and he sincerely thinks and hopes they'll call him back to continue the hiring process.

So, thank you for your prayers and e-mails and phone calls! We'll be sure to let you know when we hear something back. Yesterday was all sorts of fun for Collin, with a great interview, picking up his newer used car, and getting floor seats to the Spurs game last night! We'd appreciate it if you'd continue to pray over the decision-makers at H-E-B during this next week, and that God would make His will clear to us as well. Much love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! We'll continue to pray!! Thank you for letting us know how things are going.

DW Hobbs said...

So any good word from HEB?? We're anxious to hear but in the meantime, we continue to pray for His peace and guidance for each of you!! Love you much!

Stephanie said...

Hello, there! Just stopping by to check in on you guys---sounds like good things are happenin' over there. :) Hope all goes well with HEB.