Can you believe we got to go see the Spurs play their 2nd playoff game against the Suns last night?! The game was completely sold out, not to mention horribly expensive, but Collin's dad actually won 4 tickets from a Whataburger contest, and being the cool parents they are, they asked us to come along! So, we scrambled to find a babysitter (thanks for letting Cheyenne come on such short notice Candace - the kids LOVED her!) and we all got to go see the Spurs kick the Suns bootie again! It was a really great game to attend, and we feel quite thankful to have been there. Here are a few pictures from our night, just so you can be jealous! ;o)

Me and my Sweetie at the game

Mom & Dad Wilhite enjoying the game

Our boys in action!

I'm going to be super busy this week, (and already have been, if you haven't noticed my lack of posting), waiting for little baby May to make his/her appearance! We spent a good part of the day up in San Marcos with Kim yesterday, just in case. Tom was administering finals and will be again tomorrow, so my Mom, the kids and I are going to go hang out and hope for a baby while we're there! We'll be sure to let you know of any newsworthy events!


DW Hobbs said...

How FUN!! And your eyes just pop with that green shirt, thanks for letting us see your face too!! Love ya!

E said...

I agree with what Dara wrote! Your eyes do pop & it is wonderful to see your face, too. We blogging moms tend to be behind the lens. :)

What a fantastic experience! Being Phoenicians, you know who Kevin was cheering for. I shouldn't admit this, but I didn't even know the Suns were in the finals. I have very selective (lack of) hearing when it comes to sports.

Isn't it wonderful to be so close, so that you can go with your mom to be on baby watch? That's so exciting!

Candace said...

We're so glad you were able to go and had such a great time! Cheyenne LOVED your children and has a funny/cute story to share with you about Moira next time we talk!

We'll be waiting to hear the news about the new baby! :-)

The Jackson Family said...

FUN!! So glad you got to go! What a treat.

How exciting for your mom to be getting TWO new grandbabies all at once! Looking forward to reading about the next one-- you're so great about keeping updated!