Happy Birthday...

... to my sweet hubby! Saturday night we went out with Collin's parents, my parents and grandmother to Trilogy Pizza for some good 'ol Chicago-style pizza, which was really yummy. On Monday, Collin's actual birthday, we went to Pizza Hut (his choice again) for more pizza, and he chose a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Co. My mom came over to babysit that night, so we were able to get away and see "Jumper" and have some alone time. It's been so nice being around family for celebrations and free babysitters! :o) To a loving husband and wonderful father, we hope your 32nd year of life tops all the rest - we love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Collin!

Neal, Janice, Madeline, Aidan, and Evelyn said...

Happy Birthday Collin!

This morning Evelyn said, "I miss Aunt Janelle and her human."
I said, "Do you mean her husband, Uncle Collin?"
To which she replied, "Yes her human Uncle Collin. I miss him because he gives me silly tickles."

We all miss you in some way or another - whatever Neal may say to your face!

Love ya!

The Bottolfini's said...

Happy Birthday Collin!

DW Hobbs said...

Happy Birthday, Collin, we love ya!

Dara & Stephen

E said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Collin! We hope this year is full of great blessings & good times!

Kevin & Erica