Alabamians by Residence, Texans at Heart!

Collin took a couple hours off of work today, so that we could go get our vehicles registered in the State of Alabama, and get new Driver's Licenses too. Yup - we're officially residents of Alabama now, and we'll have to give up those precious Texas license plates... again. I was thinking of a way we could still claim our Texan-ness on our vehicle, and I found this window sticker:

Perfect, right? :)

So, it's been about three full months since we moved here, and I must say we're feeling pretty content. Life is good - or perhaps I should say God is good! Huntsville has plenty to offer in the way of activities and culture, we're settling into a church that we're considering joining, our home is wonderful and we've met some nice neighbors with young kids, Moira's loving school, and Collin's job is going well. Man, remembering back 4 short months ago, when our entire lives were up in the air, it all seems so distant now. The thing I haven't forgotten (and hope I never do) is the provision, hope and comfort God gave us during our 6+ months of uncertainty. We've been so thoroughly blessed, and it's more than we deserve. Again, God is good! Amen?

I should have some fun stuff to post this weekend, as my brilliant hunk of a man found free passes to the US Space & Rocket Center for tomorrow! We've wanted to do the whole NASA museum/discovery center thing, but it's pretty pricey. So, this will be a good opportunity to go check it out and see if Annual Passes are something we'd like to get. The Annual Passes aren't too expensive, and we'd get some discount/free tickets for visitors (might be a good activity for us, Suzann, when y'all come for Thanksgiving! What do you think?). Anyway, more on that to come.

We've been invited over to our neighbor's house tonight to help celebrate their oldest son's 8th birthday with cake and ice cream. Should be fun - the kids are definitely looking forward to it. Until then, I suppose I should go get some cleaning done around here so I can enjoy the weekend thoroughly. Thanks, as always, for caring what these new Alabamians have to say! :)


The Bottolfini's said...

Can I just say I can't believe you've been gone almost one whole year?!? I miss you so much.

E said...

I always forget how crazy Texans are about Texas...until one of those crazy Texans remind me! :)

I'm so thankful for the Lord's sweet provision for your family and the happy blessings that you are enjoying in this new season in your family life! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!!!

Love & continued blessings to you all!!!

the mccann clan said...

Janessa, I miss you too! :) I wish I could come visit you when Collin's at Vandenberg next month!

E - Yup, we're crazy, us Texans, and I don't mind reminding you of it every now and again. (I feel like Sandy from Spongebob!) Thanks for the kind words and sharing in our journey with us! Many blessings to you as well. :)

Suzann said...

Oh, how bittersweet. You are ready to start something new and make it official but it's hard to let go of the place that will always have a piece of your heart. When we lived in FL, I moved heaven and earth to try to keep my Colorado plates. Turned out to be a big pain but made me happy every time I saw the plates on my car for another year.

Yes, I got your all last week and thanks for it! We were very busy with S & P. We had so much fun. Can't wait for y'all to come and do the same. We are so excited for Thanksgiving(Christmas) :0) We have the names all drawn so will need to work on our lists very soon :0) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

We're right with you, Janelle!! Texans at heart all the way even though we live in Florida. There's no place like Texas that's for sure!

Praising God for His eternal love and care!! Nothing compares, and frankly, I'm glad he's the one in control of our lives and that He had a plan from the very beginning.