US Space & Rocket Center

Our day started out with a real bang... literally!! We were getting ready to head to the Space & Rocket Center while Moira and Ian were running around playing, and all of the sudden we heard a loud THUMP immediately followed by crying. Not good. I ran out of the room to find Moira in a heap on the floor, having slipped and slammed right into the bottom of the wall at the baseboard, poor baby. She got a huge knot on her head with this dark red line (which still hasn't faded, by the way). She was a trooper though, and decided she was ready to head off for the day anyway - that's our girl! :)

To see all our pictures (with captions) from Saturday at the US Space & Rocket Center, click on the picture below and it'll take you to our Picasa album. We had a great time - thank goodness for free tickets for Smithsonian Day! Moira is now thoroughly convinced that she must have Space Camp Barbie (oh goodie) and Ian has learned the joys of yelling "3-2-1 Blast Off!" at the top of his lungs and taking off in a full on sprint. Quite a fun day for the whole family!

Here's some video from a small piece of our time there:

All in all we had a good day, topped off with a trip to Pizza Hut for dinner. We think we might go ahead and get Annual Tickets for the family - that way if any of you want to do see the Space & Rocket Center when you come visit, we'll have some discount tickets ready to go! So, come visit!! ;o)
Today we went to Sunday School in the morning, followed by Church, and were invited out to lunch by two couples from our Sunday School class. We went to a new Deli here called "Newk's" with them and their children, and had a lot of fun for 12 people in a party! We're thankful that some of the members from the church are really starting to warm up to us and make room for us in their lives. God is good! Tonight will consist of a small dinner at home, getting the kids to bed early in preparation for school tomorrow, some laundry, and relaxing before the start of another busy week. Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us - we love ya!


The Bottolfini's said...

Such good parents taking your children on learning trips! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

What fun!! Looks like there was something for everyone there! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

E said...

How fun!!! Eben looked at everything with me...looks like somewhere we'd love to visit...though seeing you guys would trump even the US Space & Rocket center. :)

Much love,

the mccann clan said...

e, I totally thought of Eben while we were at the Space Center - I figured he'd really dig it right now! :) And, as always, our doors are open, we'd love to have you come visit! Perhaps if you guys end up in Chicago, we can swap visits during that 18 months or so!! :)

DW Hobbs said...

Poor Moira! Sorry, I'm immediately taken by her poor little bruised noggin! ;-( Glad to know she did well though and still wanted to make a go of it with the family...what a sweetie!

Meanwhile your kiddos are just getting so big...hard to believe it when I can so vividly remember you in your Bundle of Boy maternity shirt and now your little bundle is quite the little man...what a gift they both are!

Hugs to all!